EPS Global Zrt. has completed another successful project. Thanks to them, a smart parking system by Hungarian developers was established in three of China’s cities. Also, the newest city, Zhangjiakou, will be one of the main locations for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Zhangjiakou is located next to Beijing and has a population of more than 4.5 million habitants. Ski and snowboard competitions will take place there as part of the Winter Olympics. The Hungarian project, mentioned in the title, is a self-funded development that aims to establish a smart parking system that may last for at least 30 years, writes Portfolio.hu.
As part of the project, 25,000 parking spaces were created in the city centre.
Moreover, the parking capacity of all public areas located in the agglomeration and the underground garages were also included within the smart system. As a result, the smart system will have data about all the parking spaces so that drivers can see the free parking spaces on the mobile app and the smart traffic signs. Another important feature of the mobile application is that it also provides a navigation service, which directs drivers to the free parking space closest to their destination.
Parking fees and any debts can only be paid electronically. Contrary to the current Hungarian surcharge practice, motorists who do not pay the price will be notified that the inspectors started to pay the parking fee for them. This makes the cost of arrears of parking much cheaper and more straightforward. The app also notifies you when you forgot to stop paying for the parking fee. As you can see, there are two advantages to the parking system: it regulates traffic and serves motorists.
The system provides full access to the municipality, so they can track parking data online in real-time.
Besides, the system stores all data and even analyzes it. It summarises the data in the form of reports for the municipality. Thus, the operation and development of urban transport can be even simpler and more accurate with this information. In addition to EPS Global’s software system, another investment from the EXIM Exportösztönző Magántőkealap will play an essential role in the project: data on parking space occupancy and other uses will be provided by Asura Technologies Kft’s live camera image processing video analytics solution.
This is EPS’s third joined venture with telecommunications giant company ZTE. The entire Zhangjiakou project is an investment of HUF 9 billion.

Source: portfolio.hu

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