On the occasion of its 20th birthday, the Sóstó Zoo of Nyíregyháza surprises visitors with novelties every month. According to travelo.hu, the renewed lemur forest was opened on the 20th of June, the Zoo School opened its gates, and parents can take their children to puppet-shows on every Saturday from now on.

Sóstó Zoo presents the Earth’s fauna in an oak forest, on natural runways; out of which the lemur forest is the most popular spot as visitors can walk freely among the animals. Besides the lemur forest of the Tarzan walk, the older monkey forest has also been renovated, so primate lovers can meet a new rare species, the brown furred Mayotte lemurs.

The natural habitat of the species is the Mayotte Island, which is 400 kilometres away from Madagascar. Their collective name comes from the word ‘lemures’ meaning ghosts. The first European expeditors thought that they were ghosts because they could only hear their screams and see their vivid yellow eyes in the darkness of the bushes.

nyíregyházi állatpark teknős

They are true acrobats, who go from tree to tree by big jumps. They mainly eat fruits, but sometimes consume flowers, nectars, leaves and seeds. This is the only breed group in Hungary, who were quite successful in reproduction last year, so the group now counts six members.

The specialty of the renovated lemur forest is that the animals live in the same runway with the huge land reptiles and spurred turtles. From the forest, we get a view of the world’s biggest land mammals, the African elephants, where the group’s youngest member, Kito, celebrates his first birthday this week.

nyíregyházi állatpark kito

You can get to the forest through the palm trees of the renovated Mediterranean garden, while you get to admire the unique pomegranate, the growing lemons, oranges, mandarins or the bougainvillea, Chinese oleanders.

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