A Spanish swimmer decided to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona in a special way. He did not jump into the water when his contest began during the FINA World Championship. Fernandó Alvarez was standing silently on the pulpit for a minute, then he jumped into the water and began to swim as usual. His opponents have done their first length by then.

FINA spokesman Miklós Borsa told Tények that there were multiple memorial services dedicated to the victims: first there was a commemoration on Friday next to the Danube Arena, and there was also one minute of silence on Sunday in both venues before the contests begun. The same ritual was done in the evening during the closing ceremony.

Protocol coordinator, Nikoletta Sz. Hossó stated that Alvarez participated in the official memorial service organized by the hosts of FINA as well, but he also intended to give his condolences as an individual.

There were rumors that the hosts did not support Alvarez’s gesture, yet this is not true. Moreover, Fernandó Alvarez told the medics that he will jump only after some delay, and he even sent a letter to the organisers, thanking them for making this gesture possible. He wrote that commemorating the victims multiple times was not only important for him, but for the family and friends of the deceased as well.

Alvarez also stated that Hungary hosted the best championship he has ever been to. He highlighted that this means much more to him than if he had won the contest.


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