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A special sight in Eger: the rare mandarin duck

A special sight in Eger: the rare mandarin duck offers a unique sight in Eger that is slightly different from the classic tourist sights like the Castle of Eger, the Minaret, or the Lyceum. It is a beautiful bird species, the mandarin duck, which is not indigenous in Hungary, but loves to be here.

The exotic bird appeared in the Eger Stream for the first time in 2014 and has been a recurring guest in the city since then. It’s not surprising, because the bird gets on very well with its friends, the wild-ducks.


It seems like the mandarin duck will spend this upcoming winter in Hungary and, hopefully, find a mate. You can usually meet the rare bird on the Eszperantó Walk and Érsekkert section of the Eger Stream.


This rare species was once wide-spread in East Asia, but it has become an endangered species. It is the inhabitant of frondose forests close to water. Its population in East Russia and China counts less than a thousand mates. Even though almost 5000 live in Japan, this number is constantly decreasing due to deforestation. It has recently spread in Europe due to artificial settling, so there are about 7000 mates living in the wilderness. They can be found in parks and along ponds all over the world.


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