(Szeretlek Magyarország.hu) – The Balaton has had so many wonderful surprises. However, this one takes it all.

A new video has made a big hit again. There have been so many entertainment facilities this year on the frozen surface of the beautiful Lake Balaton, including rotating stage, Balaton cross-scating, many sorts of winter sports, and ice skating, of course, Szeretlek Magyarország.hu reports.

But this recording in the early morning, with a mysterious atmosphere, shows another character of the Hungarian sea. It is not by chance that this art video has charmed the audience.

The wonderful recording was made by youngsters of Győr. Szeretlek Magyarország.hu wrote that the recorders of the video have been planning long before to create something special, and now, nature gave them their chance. The ice skater is Cintia Szűcs, member of the Hungarian National Synchronized Skating Team, called Team Passion.

Photo: youtube.com

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Source: Szeretlek Magyarország.hu

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