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There is no snow expected this week either, and the weather will be dry. Towards the end of the week, the weather will warm up compared to the cold start.


After a mostly cloudless, sunny Monday, Tuesday will be the same during the day, however, in the early morning, morning hours, fog and humidity are expected, but they should diffuse. Temperatures will mostly be between -10 and -4 degrees, but in wind-protected areas, it could drop to -12 degrees Celsius. The highest temperatures during the day will be between 0 and 6 degrees Celsius, reported


It will be sunny and bright in Hungary. The lowest temperature being between -10 and 0 degrees and the highest between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.


The sun is expected to come out for only a few hours. In the late morning hours, a bit of snow and sleet could fall. Temperatures will be between -5 and 2 degrees at the lowest and between 2 and 9 degrees Celsius the highest.


At dawn, the air will become humid and foggy temporarily, but visibility will improve as the day goes on, and mostly sunny weather with no rain is expected. The lowest temperatures will be between -6 and 1 degrees, while the highest will be between 3 and 8 degrees Celsius.


In the morning hours, humidity and fog could form on both days but will break up throughout the day. No rain is in foresight, and it should be sunny. The coldest temperatures on Saturday will be between -5 and 2 degrees, the warmest between 3 and 8 degrees Celsius, while on Sunday the lowest will be between -5 and 1 and the highest between 1 and 7 degrees Celsius.


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