Budapest, 2016. április 13. A falat alkotó egyik kockát teszi helyére egy résztvevõ Magyarország legnagyobb Rubik-kockából kirakott mozaikfalánál a Corvinus Egyetemen hatodik alkalommal megrendezett Kari Napok rendezvényen 2016. április 13-án. Az installációt ezer darab Rubik-kockából építették meg. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs reports that an extraordinary event happened on the 14th of April, when 200 students of the Budapest Corvinus University used 1000 Rubik cubes to build up a wall picturing New York’s Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Statue of Budapest.

The students used 1000 specially coloured cubes, made only for the attempt to set a world record at the 6th Corvinus Kari Napok (Campus Days) organised by EY. The attempt resulted in Hungary’s biggest picture wall made of Rubik cubes, which was not only a record, but also called attention to how limitless young people’s desire for knowledge and worldview are.

The picture, made up of the Rubik cubes became 1.445 x 2.31 metres tall and wide. The building took 7 hours for the 200 students, who participated in the event in terms of a team competition. They were also helped by 4 professional competitors. The cubes were numbered and made specifically for this event, so by the correct use they could perfectly recreate the images of the statues.

The final, 1000th piece was put to its place by the rector of the University, Prof. Zsolt Rostoványi, who also highlighted that the aim of the record-setting was to show how global the knowledge and intentions, endeavours of the young generations are. And thus, the youngsters may find success and achieve their goals in their future careers both in Hungary and internationally.

All over the world there is now an increasing need for qualified and talented tax experts, auditors and business consultants. EY will also have hired 100 new employees in Hungary by the end of the financial year in June. No surprise that it was them, with whom the project, illustrating this global view, could come to life. HR director of EY, Dóra Debreczeni told szeretlekmagyarorszag, that those young people who choose to be tax consultants can expect a successful career both in Hungary and on an international scene.

After the record setting, the cubes were packed specially with accompanying cards of the certification of the record, issued by the Magyar Rekord Egyesület (Hungarian Record Association). Orsolya Ludvig, director of marketing and communication of EY, mentioned that some of the cubes were offered for charity, which further increased the value of the event. István Sebestyén, director and registrar of the Association told the site that setting a record is about pushing the boundaries of human capabilities, and the best achievement is succeeding in breaking down one’s own limits.

Additionally, a pop-up 360˚ watchtower was set up to show the students what it would be like to view the world from the “top of their career” (from 48 metres). For one day thus, the students could see Budapest from a completely unique perspective, from the top of the tower.


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