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The 17th FINA World Championships, starting on 14th July is now being popularized by its new campaign. In the center of the attention, there are the six sports of the world event (swimming, acrobatic diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, high diving, and open water swimming).

Less than one month left until the beginning of the biggest sport event ever of Hungary, the 17th FINA World Championships-organized in Budapest and Balatonfüred. The organizer of the event, Bp2017 Nkft., has just launched its new campaign is now popularizing the six sports of the world event, drawing people’s attention to the exceptional performance of the sportsmen and activating interest shown in different sports, both locally and internationally.

The campaign starts with a short film, entitled “This Summer New Legends will be Born”. The video is presenting the six sports embodied by legendary water creatures. Swimming is symbolized by the shark, the most fearsome animal of the seas, open water swimming is presented by the “wanderer” of the seas, the whale. With its characteristic movements dolphin became the symbol of the acrobatic diving, while orca in high diving, synchronized schools of fish in synchronized swimming and octopus in water polo became the emblems.

Animals come to life in a mysterious museum. At different parts of the room, a projection is waiting for its visitors highlighting and presenting outstanding sport achievements and sportsmen of exceptional performance from the previous decades- further strengthening the concept of using animals for the identification with different sports.

Sculptures demonstrated in the video were designed by one of the most famous contemporary artists of Hungary, the internationally acknowledged Miklós Gábor Szőke.

Szőke Miklós
Miklós Szőke in the studio, photo by FINA

“I found the basic idea of the campaign very attractive so it was not a question for me to take it. By keeping in mind the analogy of the aquatic sports I created the animal characters, first designed in a 3D model. They come to life in the short film. Elemental force, exceptional performance and technique of the water legends, are also the features of the top-level sportsmen.”- said Miklós Gábor Szőke.

We believe the video will not only help the preparation of world-class sportsmen arriving to our country but also grabs the attention of sport lovers in the following one month.


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