Palatinus Budapest baths

Have you been waiting all winter for having a great swim in Hungary’s pools? Soon you will be able to. Some pools open in April in Budapest; what is more, you can already enjoy the sunlight on sun-decks. reveals.

Gellért Baths in Budapest opens on 13 April, and from 29. April you can throw yourself among the artificial waves.

Csillaghegy Baths open in May after finishing the renovations.

The Római Swimming pool opens on 28 May.

The Palatinus Baths has a new closed pool added, as well as the Pünkösdfürdő Swimming Pool open on 3. June, informs.

Csillaghegy bath, photo: MTI

The sun-decks in the area of Széchenyi, Lukács and Rudas Baths can already be used if there is good weather.

Ce: bm


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