Many people love to use social media in Hungary. They use Facebook and Instagram more than any other network. According to StatCounter, twitter takes 1.29%, YouTube takes 1.32%, and Pinterest takes 7.21% share of users from Hungary. Moreover, Instagram is famous because of certain factors including:

  • Ease of use
  • Fun loving
  • Teenager’s favorite network
  • Latest Updates
  • Photo and Video sharing options

Since 2005, the usage of social media has drastically increased. Some businesses want to establish their social media presence in every country of the world. In Hungary, the population is very friendly, and people like to use communication applications.

Instagram, primarily a photo-sharing app, started with an initial name of code “Burbn” by two founders.

Later Facebook bought it and integrated both networks. So now, people who use Facebook may also tend to use Instagram. Let’s have a look at how Hungarian demographics are dealing with Instagram.

20% of the Hungary population are Instagram users. That makes a total of around 2million according to latest statistics. Most of the Instagram users are women ranging from that age of 35-44. 67% of Internet users all around the world have social media profiles. Similarly, internet users in Hungary also use follow the same pattern.

Men usage patterns of social media

46.1% of Instagram users in Hungary are men.

Male gender likes to use Instagram because it gives a chance of communication through photo and video sharing. Similarly, the latest features like IG TV attracts more men to become part of the Instagram user base. However, if you are lacking some followers and want to increase your audience reach, then you can buy real Instagram followers, both men, and women.

Hungary females on Instagram

Out of all Instagram users in Hungary, the majority belongs to female gender. Do you know why? The interactivity of Instagram and the presence of female related businesses bring more women in the Instagram user base. Additionally, there are some latest trends and fashion that starts with Instagram.

It is very surprising to know that Hungarian females are more interested in using Instagram as compared to men.

Women belonging to 18-24 years of age group has a more online presence on Instagram as compared to men.

How Can Hungary Help You Kickstart Your Venture Via Instagram?

Have you ever thought of starting a business in Hungary? These stats can be very helpful. If you are thinking to launch a lingerie brand or a men fashion store, then this is the best place to promote it. Advertising business shift from traditional media to social media increases the chances of a new venture to be successful. Moreover, customer services and integrated marketing communication is easier than doing traditional marketing. If you are on Instagram and living in Hungary, then you can build your fan following just by these simple tips

  • Start with buying real Instagram followers from a credible source
  • At least share 8-10 photos every day about your life or business on Instagram
  • Make sure you are also adding a video each day so people can have a better idea of your message
  • Comment and follow other Instagram users.

WOW! Budapest is one of the most Instagrammed UNESCO sites!

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