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Based on Publicus’s results, if we do not count those who would not take part in a referendum regarding the issue, 3/4th of Hungarians would support the country’s EU membership today. András Pulai, the strategic director of Publicus, talked about the details of the survey’s results on ATV.

He highlighted that there is a trend among Fidesz voters showing that they have become anti-EU in the last few years. This means that the supporters of Hungary’s EU membership among them decreased by 20 pc. Meanwhile, voters of Jobbik became more EU-friendly since the supporters of the European community increased by 40 pc among them. Interestingly, the overall results in Hungarian society did not change.

Even 40 pc of Fidesz voters think that only those countries should get EU-funds which respect the rule of law. Meanwhile, 80 pc of the opposition supporters agree with this statement. 50 pc of citizens would agree completely while an additional 7 pc would agree with such a regulation. A further 70 + 5 pc say that

the EU should act more explicitly to make its member states respect the rule of law.

90 pc of the opposition voters support this idea, and even 50 pc of the government supporters agree with it.

3/4th of Hungarians would support Hungary’s accession to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, and even the majority of Fidesz voters are for it. The majority of citizens think that the European Union should force the Hungarian government to respect the rule of law even by taking away development funds. Furthermore, Publicus’s results show that the independence of Hungarian democratic institutions has been damaged in the last few years.


  1. It’s funny. Hungary lost half of it’s territory thanks to western Europe with the Trianon treaty. How in the hell Hungarians would support their country’s butchers??

  2. A few days ago, our friend Mario said that GOD should ‘bless’ migrants.

    Now he states that GOD must ‘bless’ Europe and the European Union.

    History shows that GOD is far too busy to ‘bless’ everyone – especially with the U.S.A. continually asking him to ‘bless’ that nation and other countries requesting the same favour for them.

    A lot of time and ‘blessings’ can therefore be saved by GOD if Europe and the European Union is ‘taken over’ by migrants.

    Hang on a second, isn’t that what is happening right now ?

    Mario will INDEED be very happy.

  3. That is funny, they did not ask anyone in my village. Almost all of them hate the E.U. Surveys and surveyors always slant their surveys to their point of view. Figures lie and liars figure. I don’t for one minute believe a word of this article.

  4. Hungary lost its territory through Trianon for starting the 1st world war. The nationalism and arrogance that started that war seems to be making a small comeback.

  5. Jack: there is always a divergent opinion about many issues in most countries between urban and semi rural/rural areas. What people think in small towns and villages is often diametrically opposed to what people think in cities.

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