According to a survey conducted by e-Net and Telekom that was sent to MTI, almost 90% of the Hungarian Internet users – approximately 4.5 million people – use smart phones, including 3.4 million people reading news, articles, e-books, 2.4 million people using their smart phones for listening to music and other audiovisual contents, and 1.8 million people using them for watching films, videos.

Based on the survey, MTI reported that 86% of the 1011 internet users older than 18 age visit primarily news portals, and 80% of them visit social websites for reading. Reading electronic newspapers, magazines (39%), blogs (29%) and e-books (14%) on smart phone is less popular. It also turned out that the most visited news portals are Index (64%), Origo (55%), Hir 24 (45%) and HVG (40%).

The spreading of listening to music on smart phone is not surprising. However, listening to MP3 audio files, mainly those not requiring internet connection, were more widespread earlier. Today, listening to music online for free – like YouTube – is just as popular, MTI told.

At the same time, the number of opportunities for listening to music online is rising. 25% listen to live web radio, and 13% listen to online music streaming on their smart phones (for instance, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music).
Nine out of ten still use wifi for streaming, but the ratio of those who use mobile Internet for it, has risen to 42%.

When it comes to watching films and videos on smart phones, 83% of the respondents use free online sources, and only 43% download them to their phones. Watching TV on smart phone is becoming more and more popular: 31% watch some programs on smart phone, 29% use it for re-watch. Only 4% choose streamings with subscription.

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