Bus line 200E
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If you want to catch your flight at Budapest Airport or come to visit the Hungarian capital, there are various options to choose from: car, taxi, bus, train and the Airport Shuttle. 

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It depends on how much money you can or want to invest for the sake of your convenience, on your destination/ point of departure in the city, and on the size of your packs.

If you are a lucky car owner, you have to drive along Üllői út and Ferihegyi gyorsforgalmi út to get to the airport. There are various opportunities for parking. The fee depends on the distance of the parking garage from the airport. The closer you park the more you have to pay, so it is best if you consider the amount of time you want to spend near the airport.

Without doubt, taxi is the most convenient means of transport to the airport and also the most expensive. Read more about actual prices HERE.

If you want to protect the environment and the content of your purse, you may take the bus. It is indeed the perfect and cheapest solution if you come from the south and have no luggage.

You can find the timetables HERE.

Please notice that front-door boarding (elsőajtós felszállás) is obligatory on bus 200 E.

The train is a good option from Nyugati Railway Station to Ferihegy Train Station. And there you take the bus to Terminal 2. Economical and convenient if you come from or head for Nyugati.  More information HERE.

With heavy bags I would definitely vote for the door-to-door airport shuttle. Of course, it is more expensive, but it is worth the price if you do not get that tired by the end of the journey, right?

Photo: bkk.hu

written by Magdolna Magonyi

Source: http://bud.hu

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