Some of our Hungarian readers may have doubts, but travelling by train in Hungary can be a more economical or at times faster means of transport.

MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) has an online passenger information service called ELVIRA, which is also a female first name in Hungary. It is maintained by the Passenger Information Service.


ELVIRA is primarily designed for inland travel. The site functions in Hungarian, English and also in German.

jegyautomata_ungvari_2_rb_220x190You can book your domestic railway ticket, as well as pass, surcharge and international railway ticket via Internet or buy tickets with the help of your cell phone.  Read more HERE.

Some tickets can be printed at home; in other cases you have to find an E-ticket machine and print your online ticket there. E-Ticket Machine Locations.

MÁV also has special offers which include the so called “START Klub Card” that allows cardholders to travel with a 50% reduction.

The Budapest pass is also valid within the city limits. Outside the city, you need to buy a “supplemental ticket”. BKK Map: Railway Network of Budapest and Vicinity.


Be careful: many travellers do not know that MÁV introduced an express train supplement in 2013. “As of 15 May 2013, express train supplement is obligatory on certain fast and semi-fast trains that are marked in the official timetable.” Read more HERE.



Wi-fi as an on-board train service is available on more and more trains in Hungary.

The ticket price generally does not depend on the time of purchase.

Recommended Reading:

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written by Magdolna Magonyi



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