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Fortunately, YouTube is full of amazing videos about Budapest that could even be official image videos. recently came across one made by a British media agency called Dirty Motion Studio. It turned out quite fantastic!

Dirty Motion Studio’s profile is graphic design, web design and video production. They create music videos, promotional videos, adverts, and record whatever the customer may want. Therefore, you can imagine how professional they are, even when on vacation.

They spent a few days in Budapest on a city break and apparently had so much fun that they decided to record some of the best moments.

Budapest is beautiful and the people are great” they write in the description of the video.

Well, they surely must have been dazzled by our city as they added that they would love to return in the summer. Hopefully, they will not leave there cameras at home 😉

Among others, the short video features the Heroes’ Square, the Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge, Kossuth Square and a traditional Hungarian restaurant. We especially like the beginning of the video because of the great “voice-over” choice 🙂

Featured image:


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