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5 brilliant Hungarian inventions from last year

5 brilliant Hungarian inventions from last year

According to, the alarm clock that disciplines snooze with taking money, the anti-bike-theft app and the energy producing  pavement were the greatest Hungarian innovations of the year.

A smartphone app which takes away money by pressing the snooze button

The alarm application called Snoopy was developed by Csaba Toth and Balazs Nemethi. The basic idea is is that you have to pay money for using the snooze button. So if you do not wake up, it has a price. Since direct payment methods are not allowed by Apple’s policy, you have to upload your balance in advance. The cost of a snooze is roughly half a dollar (HUF 130), so your balance is reduced by this amount, if you would like to sleep more.

Invention for the safety of your bikes

Velotrack security system can prevent bike-theft. The device collects data with a GPS and a motion detector in the bike. If someone tries to move the bike the owner immediately gets informed. In addition, you can see the routes you traveled and the whereabouts of your friends and family, thanks to the smartphone application.

Its operation is quite simple: the owner places a virtual logical lock on the parked bicycle. The lock can inform the owner about the safety of the neighborhood, based on community statistics of bike-thefts. The invention is possessed by Hargamon Kft, wrote.


The idea of the Hungarian photographer became a worldwide success

UniqueBall became the photographic accessory of the year at the congress of TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) in Dubai. There was no Hungarian prize winner during the 25 years of the event so far. The ball head greatly facilitates the work of photographers, since it can mimic the attributes of several different tripod heads. The designers use their inventions for their own purposes since 1998.

World sensation: Hungarian disinfectant

Solumium – which was developed by Dr. Zoltan Noszticzius (Professor Emeritus of the Technical University of Budapest) – received the interdisciplinary Grand Prize award of the Swedish Board of Commerce in Hungary, in 2015. The eco-friendly disinfectant offers a solution to the global problem of the antibiotic resistance as well, wrote.

The energy-producing paving

Three young Hungarian inventors created the pavement which produces electricity from the steps of the passers-by. The technology is called FUTI, and its point is that electric voltage is created under pressure in the so-called piezoelectric plates. The super pavement contains solar panels as well. The inventors Imre Miklos Sziszak and Jozsef Cseh think a 12-sq-m FUTI sidewalk can fill all the electricity needs for a small house.

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