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If you are not familiar with the Hungarian dog breed komondor, just imagine a puli on steroids. Komondor is a white-coloured Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, dreadlock-like coat, similar to that of the puli’s.

Pulis and komondors have a similar exterior, but the komondor has long legs, and it is also much larger than the puli. The komondor is one of the largest dogs, some are over 30 inches tall.

Komondor – the largest Hungarian dog

We have already posted interesting videos of two world-famous Hungarian dog breeds: the puli and the vizsla. This time, we are going further back in time, and take a closer look at one of the oldest breeds of dogs found in Hungary: the komondor.

Dogs 101 – Komondor

Animal Planet’s Youtube Chanel has a very useful series called Dogs 101, which has made an appearance in the previous two articles as well. Luckily, they also made a video about the komondor. Did you know that this dog has the heaviest fur? Or that a single komondor can have over 2,000 dreadlock-like cords? You can watch the info-packed clip below.

We can also learn from this clip that Komondors have this all-white dreadlock-like fur because it served as a camouflage when they were protecting sheep. They blended in perfectly well with the sheep, and they could suddenly attack the hungry wolves who had absolutely no clue that a guarding dog is present.

Speaking of camouflage…check out this next clip too.

Top 10 interesting facts

Little baby and komondor play date

I can hardly think of anything cuter than this. Does this video even need words?

The komondor likes to play with older children too. This dog is incredibly protective of its owners. However, the komondor can have little tolerance for teasing, so always know your dog’s limits. Also, this video makes me question whether the komondor is really a dog breed or in fact, a small type of bear.


The komondors are hardy dogs, but in terms of grooming, the komondor is not the low maintenance type. Similar to the pulis, komondors require a lot of time and patience to groom. Their dreadlocks need to be separated very frequently. You can imagine how much time it takes when your dog has over 2,000 locks.

Adorable photos

If you are still not convinced how adorable these dogs are, check out this slideshow, packed with beautiful photos of this majestic creature.

Featured image: Youtube.com/watch?v=CXSfW1HwPhA

Source: YouTube

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