Puli dog

Puli is one of the most famous Hungarian dog breeds. Puli is a well-liked dog breed due to its unique appearance and sweet nature. Puli is an exceptional dog, and there are many exciting things to learn about them.

The Hungarian dog breed puli is getting more and more famous all around the globe. Did you know that even Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg has one?

Mark Zuckerberg’s photos of his Hungarian puli blew up the internet

You might also saw the famous Hungarian dog in a Dr. Pepper advertisement a few years ago:

There is hardly anything left in this world which has not been uploaded to YouTube. Even if you have never heard of pulis before, you can see how they are trained, how they are groomed, how smart they are, or what tricks they can do on the popular video sharing platform: YouTube.

Let’s learn more about the strangest looking dog in the world!

TheGamerOfGames 656 teaches us about the Puli breed

For example, did you know that pulis have excellent eyesight, despite looking like they have hall all over their faces? Or that it can take 3 whole days for their locks to dry after a bath? They are also incredibly agile and fast dogs. Not to mention how rare they are: less than 150 puli puppies are registered every year in the U.S.

Top 10 interesting facts about pulis

Their training can start as early as four months old! They train easily, as they are usually eager to please their owners.

Daily News Hungary has also collected a bunch of useful information about pulis: its origin, characteristics, etc. Check out the article here.

Puli dog grooming

If there is such a thing as paint pouring, asmr or soap cutting, then puli grooming should also be a thing. It is so satisfying and calming to watch the puli’s locks being separated and cleaned. It takes a lot of time to groom these dogs, as their special locks need constant maintenance. How? Pawspainc shows you in the following video.

There is another similar video which I particularly liked, because the guy grooming the dog’s locks also has dreadlocks himself.

Hungarian Folktales: The Little Puli Dog

The famous Hungarian animated series Hungarian Folktales often featured traditional Hungarian symbols, traditions, specialities. The puli dog was an often occurring character in these tales. You are in luck, because one episode with a major Puli character is one of those with English dubbing! Check out the 10-minute-long episode below.

Hungarian Folktales – an animated series, a cultural icon

Puli puppies!

There is only one thing cuter than a puli: a Puli puppy.

All pulis are beautiful

This video is just a slideshow of pulis of all kinds: small, big, black, white….

Featured image: Youtube.com/watch?v=nAm6MRrdtpw

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