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The Hungarian vizsla is a very special dog breed. Vizslas are loved by thousands of happy dog owners from all over the world, and not without a reason. These smart and beautiful dogs will make anyone’s life a little more active, a little warmer, and a little happier.

In the previous part of this series, we took a closer look at the strangest looking Hungarian dog breed: the puli. We learnt that pulis are fast, clever dogs with excellent eyesight, and they get on well with children too.

Hungarian Puli: the strangest looking dog in the world – VIDEOS

This time we are looking into another world-famous Hungarian dog breed: the vizsla.

Did you know that vizslas are the athletes of the dog world?

What you need to know about vizslas

Vizsla is a very interesting dog breed. They are not only really smart, loyal and protective of their owners, they are also incredibly affectionate, friendly, and they make perfect pets.

Vizsla, the world-famous Hungarian dog breed

Not to mention that due to their short fur, they do not have an odour (that doggy smell), they smell nice all the time. These are just a few of the interesting facts you can learn about the vizsla breed in the videos below. Both of them are informative and interesting, and you also get to see a bunch of cute clips of vizslas.

Athletes of the dog world

Vizslas are energetic and active dogs. They need a lot of exercise, at least two hours a day. They are definitely not the one walk around the block type of dogs, which makes it quite difficult to keep them in the city. Their ideal environment is a huge ranch or a farm where they can run free all day long. They love to play, the love to walk and run. On the other hand, when they are not running around, they love to relax and cuddle with their owners.

There is no better representation of how much vizslas love exercise and being outdoors than watching Cydaps’s (a mountain biker called James) video in which he goes downhill biking with his lovely companion Amber, the vizsla. It is also easy to see how fast a vizsla can be. Amber has no problem following the bike at all.

Keep in mind though, that if you do not provide your vizsla with the amount of exercise he/she needs, the dog will have to find alternative ways to get rid of its energy. Most of the time this means destruction of furniture, shoes, or anything you love and cherish. Keep a vizsla only if you have the opportunity and the energy for it.

All about love

As I have already mentioned, vizslas are very affectionate dogs. They love to express their feelings. They will sleep with you, cuddle with you, they will kiss you, they will be over the moon when you come home from work. In one of the clips, the dog is literally picked up and carried like a giant baby. The cutest dog ever.

Intelligent dogs

Vizslas are not only athletic, affectionate and extremely cute dogs, but they are incredibly smart too! They are easily trained (they were accompanying Hungarian hunters for decades after all…). See how many things this particular vizsla called Hanna knows:

As any other dog, they can do some really funny things, like playing with toys or bugging their owners who do not want to be bugged. Check out the funny compilation below

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