The vizsla is one of the most diverse Hungarian dog breeds. It is a real Hungaricum loved by hundreds of people all over the world. They are smart, beautiful and will definitely brighten your days. Get to know one of Hungary’s prides 🙂

According to, the vizsla is definitely a good choice, because these dogs are smart, beautiful and have a quite easy-to-treat fur. However, they need freedom, TLC and also to be tired regularly. This is why vizslas are not recommended for homebodies, they must be taken out for long walks and mostly runs. Otherwise they’ll redesign your home and garden.


They have been listed among the top 10 favourite breeds among Hungarians for many years, but they are becoming more and more popular abroad as well. However, foreigners also love other Hungarian breeds like the komondor, puli and pumi.

These dogs are real characters, perpetual-motion machines who are very grateful for the love and care they receive.

They are always joyful, so it is guaranteed that if you have a vizsla, it will try to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood. They adore outdoor programmes, let it be a big walk in the forest, bathing in the Danube or a running-cycling afternoon. Due to its excellent adaptability, it is a beloved breed by all age groups.

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They fill your life with happiness and adventure. You can take them on Vizsla Tours, which usually move more than 100 dogs at the same time. You’ll soon realise that your vizsla will not only be your best friend, but also your training buddy.

They are energy and love bombs, who will ensure that you’re not bored for a second 😉

They are also qualified to be helpers, they can be trained to be therapeutic and guide dogs as well. Thanks to their excellent sense of smell, they can also be trained to find lost people, drugs and pits.

According to, the fans of the breed love them for their clinging, affectional personality and docility. They were bred to work together with huntsmen, this is why the closeness of the owner is very important to them.


The short-haired vizsla was bred from hounds, whose ancestors were brought by the conquerors. The hounds probably blended with the yellow hunting dogs of the Turks, and the final form of the bred evolved by the middle-end of the 19th century. But the stock wasn’t unified for a long time, because several breeds were “mixed in”, like the Irish setter for its fur and the pointer for its great sense of smell.

The short-haired Hungarian vizsla was acknowledged as a separate breed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1935.

The wire-haired version is much younger, its breeding only started in the end of the 19th century. WWII decimated both versions, but the breed was luckily saved by its enthusiastic fans. FCI acknowledged the wire-haired Hungarian vizsla in 1966.


The Hungarian vizsla remains the most beloved hunting dog among Hungarian huntsmen and the pride of the country 🙂

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