Recently, újHÁZ Centrum, one of the major, fully Hungarian-owned building materials trade networks in Hungary, has conducted a representative survey about the importance of using sustainable solutions when building or renovating homes.

The survey was conducted between April 13 and 16, 2021. The survey involved asking 1,339 Hungarian citizens between the ages of 18 and 59 who own a smartphone. This means that the survey is representative in the aspects of gender, place of residence, region, and educational attainment, reports Portfolio.

The main thing that is evident from the survey is that sustainability is important for Hungarians, and they are willing to look into sustainable or renewable solutions when renovating or building their homes.

82% of Hungarians think that such solutions are more expensive than normal ones, but 54% of them also think that these investments will pay off.

The survey also asked people whether they know about any subsidies for environmentally sustainable building materials. Half of the people asked knew about such support and one-third of them would also like to utilise it during their homemaking.

Sustainability is important for more than half of Hungarians when planning their future homes or renewing their existing ones. For 7%, sustainability and eco-friendliness are the number one priority when considering homemaking.

Although most people think it involves more expenses, more than half of them think it is a good investment. Most people thought that solar panels are the most expensive to install, followed by heat pumps, and then solar collectors, and they thought smart bricks were the cheapest solutions from these options.

According to the report, the most popular technologies among respondents are solar panels (91%), adequate insulation (87%), and solar collectors (79%).

The most popular sustainable energy solutions
Data: (újHÁZ Centrum)

But luckily, the respondents were quite well educated and knew many more types of environmentally sustainable building solutions, such as heat pumps (56%), inverter air conditioners (45%), and smart bricks (36%), among many others.

Finally, the survey asked respondents about the source of their information. 70% of them find information about such building solutions on the internet on professional websites, almost half of them from the press, 32% of the respondents find information on social media, and 29% of them are informed by their relatives and friends.

Portfolio reported that many people ask for professional help, but Dr Rázsóné Szórády Csilla, the CEO of újHÁZ Centrum, said that the education of the general public is important as

“these environmentally sustainable solutions can not only increase the value of a property but also lower operating costs and improve the residents’ overall quality of life”.

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