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Swimmer Katinka Hosszú has filed for divorce, which can soon officially end her relationship with her American husband-coach Shane Tusup reported blikk.hu.

Katinka married Tusup in August 2013. This was one of the most successful husband-wife teams in the sport. Under her husband’s guidance Katinka won three Olympic gold medals, countless world championships titles, and various top athlete of the year awards.

Last November, the couple announced that their relationship was going through a difficult period.

As we wrote, they spent the Christmas apart and arrived at the top athlete’s awards ceremony separately.

According to rumors, Katinka might team up with Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte’s coach Frédéric Vergnoux.

Tusup receives about US$4000 monthly salary from the Hungarian Swimming Federation as Katinka’s trainer, which will be cut off as soon as Katinka announces the name of her new coach.

Tusup has a combative personality and very difficult to get along with, yet some Hungarian coaches believe that he is a very good trainer and Hungarian swimmers would benefit if he continued working in Hungary as a coach even after divorcing from Katinka.

Tusup currently trains children at Iron Aquatics, a company founded by Katinka and him. Apparently, he is very popular among the kids and their parents who are hoping that the divorce won’t upset the kids’ training schedules.

While in Hungary, Tusup managed to insult almost everyone who has a name in swimming. He and Katinka even forced the head of the Hungarian Swimming Federation Tamás Gyárfás to resign. But worse than that Tusup isolated Katinka from the rest of her teammates and even forced Katinka to do things against her nature. For instance, last year Katinka tore up a contract during a press-conference because of money related issues. During international competitions the couple acted as a separate unit rather than part of the Hungarian team.

Coaches who knew Katinka before said that her behaviour has changed significantly since she married Tusup.

Katinka otherwise a very friendly, lovable person with an easygoing personality; everybody liked her before she got married to Tusup and got under his influence.

At the 2017 European Short Course Swimming Championships in Copenhagen where Katinka competed without her husband being present, Hungarian coaches and teammates rejoiced by saying that Katinka once again became a full fledged member of the Hungarian team.

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/katinkahosszu/

Source: blikk.hu – hungarianambiance.com

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