writes: Katina Hosszú and her Husband and Coach Shane Tusup no longer form a couple. They even spent the Christmas holidays separately. The Iron Lady spent the holiday in her hometown Baja, while her husband celebrated with her parents in Budapest. has learned that Tusup had not traveled to the Short Course European Championships in Copenhagen a few weeks ago with Katina because of suffering from migraine headache, as it was officially reported, but because the couple has already split up.

One of the swimmers of Katinka’s Club, Iron Aquatics said at a party that Katinka and her husband had a serious argument and perhaps, they broke up. has learned that

Tusup did something that upset Katinka so much that she kicked him out.

In the meantime, Tusup posted cryptic messages on facebook: “None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows” and

“Without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life”, indicating that indeed, the marriage is in trouble.

Swimmers training at Iron Aquatics, also noticed that there was something wrong with the couple.

Yesterday, Shane Tusup didn’t show up at the morning training session, said one parent who asked her name not to be published. “I would like them to reconcile and don’t split up, because my children are developing rapidly”.

The President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation Sándor Wladár was asked about the rumor but he did not want to comment on it: “I’ve heard the rumor, but Katinka has not official confirmed it, so I do not want to comment on it.”


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