Gyula László went from floor to floor whilst balancing a ball on his forehead in a 22 floored building in Debrecen, thus setting a new world record. writes that the young man went up and down the 22 floors eight times, during two hours and ten minutes, until the ball fell down, after 369 floors.

A Hungarian Guinness record supervisor was also present to follow the action. Gyula broke the record of climbing 320 floors while balancing a ball on the head. The talented ball juggler has big plans for the future: he wants to climb the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with – not surprisingly – a ball on his head.

He is also the proud holder of a 24 hour freestyle BMX Guinness record. As he said in a former interview, he wants to prove to the world and Hungary that an underprivileged Rom is also capable of great sports achievement, because what counts at the end of the day is not the colour of your skin, but how talented and persistent you are.


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