This is not a casual music festival, where the Main Stage is the only venue to await…Sziget is a whole different experience, where things to do are endless and non-stop. The festival is famous about the wide range of exciting and colorful programs covering all forms of arts, what makes the Island of Freedom so unique. Discover its surprises, get lost in its wonders and let it amaze you each of the seven days. 

1) Europe Stage 
You checked the line-up of Europe Stage but haven’t found any familiar names? Well, Europe Stage is your number one place if you would like to meet the young talents, the up-and-coming artists of Europe! This fine selection looks into the future and enters you to the world of Europe’s music, today. Check our Spotify list beforehand, pick and choose your favourites! They are also available for interviews!
More information:!/v/65/europe-stage

2) Hungarikum Village by #hellohungary 
Want to know more about the host country of Sziget, Hungary? This year we celebrate and enjoy birthdays! Lots of fun program with a Hungarian twist! You probably won’t understand how you ended up at the dance house in the middle of the night, but dancing as a Hungarian is a skill, believe us 🙂
More information:!/v/76/hungaricum-village-presented-by-hellohungary

3) Sziget Beach 
This hidden corner of Sziget is a sacred place, where chill music is helping you to relax and get ready for the party. Do some yoga, take part in one of our dance workshops or just sip your cocktail and enjoy your holiday!
Check program:!/v/79/sziget-beach-cokxpon-chill-garden

4) Magic Mirror 
The tent of Magic Mirror has a wonderful atmosphere, not just hosting -probably- the most amazing parties until sunrise,but also super exciting talks and film screenings. Moreover you can see the record-breaking, award winning show LIMBO that finally makes its debut at Sziget Festival between 10-15 August! This hot and crazy mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics has already seduced audiences worldwide, now it’s your turn to be amazed! A dirty and dangerous circus-cabaret directed by Scot Maidment, LIMBO whisks everyone into a sinister netherworld of jaw-dropping contortion, gut-churning aerial acrobatics, nail-biting stunts and staggering illusions! Come and join the Magic:!/v/78/magic-mirror

5) Cirque du Sziget & Fidelio Theatre and Dance Stage
Sziget is well-known for hosting the most exciting and most actual performing art shows every year. This year you can enjoy the program of Cirque du Sziget & the Fidelio Theatre and Dance Tent, where you should definitely check out the options!
Program Cirque du Sziget:!/v/66/cirque-du-sziget
Program Fidelio Theatre and Dance Tent:!/v/67/fidelio-theatre-and-dance-tent

6) Papageno Classical & Jazz Stage 
Did you know that Sziget has a classical music stage? Opera, classical music, cineconcert the Sziget way.

7) Luminarium 
Luminarium arrives to Sziget for the fourteenth time this year straight from the UK, inviting you to dive into this 800 square meter inflatable sculpture. This is truly a sculpture, where the artist is the architect and the painting is done by the sunlight. Architects of Air, based in Nottingham (UK), set sail the same year as Sziget Festival and since then more than 8 million visitors have enjoyed this unforgettable experience. The unique labyrinth tunnels and inspiring spacious domes welcome visitors all year round all over the world.
Check here:!/v/77/luminarium-pentalum

8) TEDx Budapest Club Tent 
TEDx has an amazing hub at Sziget. This year wonderful speakers will explore the theme of Imagination! Imagine that the world is beautiful, good and true. Imagine the ideal world. How would life be if all we really needed was accessibe or could be created here on Earth. Such a world can really only be the creation of our imagination? They say if one can imagine it one can create it. But we have to be conscious while using our imagination because it is a great responsibility what kind of a future we create based on our present. We may be dreamers, but – just like John Lennon – we believe we are not the only ones. This summer we invite you to imagine a world with us that is worth working for.

9) Sport TV Sport Zone 
Did you know that you can even do sports at Sziget?
Sports: small pitch football, beach volleyball, streetball, table tennis, table football, darts, badminton, table hockey, petanque, frisbee, teqball & fun programs as: BAGJUMP, adventure park, climbing wall, goldsprint, rowing ergometer, billiard football, dodgebow.

10) Art Zone 
ArtZone is a heart shaped lovely venue on the Northern part of Sziget. Here you can dive into a whole different universe and make your own bags, chairs and paintings. So many things to do here!



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