Budapest, December 22 (MTI) – Hungary expects everybody to respect Hungarians’ decisions, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in a statement on Tuesday.

Szijjarto said in response to critical remarks about Hungary and Poland by Luxembourg’s Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Jean Asselborn that “democracy is about the people, even if the Luxembourg foreign minister does not like this.”

Asselborn said in an interview with Luxembourg daily Tageblatt online that the freedom of the press and justice administration were restricted in Poland in a way reminiscent of the Soviet Union. He said it was a positive development, however, that the public in Poland had strong resistence to the government’s control over the media and the constitutional court, unlike in Hungary where Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government was pursuing similar politics for years.

Szijjarto said that in five years Hungary recovered from a state of economic collapse to become one of the best in Europe. Hungarians deserve respect for this, not criticism, he added.

Hungarians have also adopted a clear position and rejected illegal migration.

“We expect that nobody should want to take revenge for this,” he added and called on Asselborn not to criticise the Hungarian people.

Hungarians should be allowed to decide about Hungary’s future and Poles should be allowed to decide about Poland’s future, Szijjarto said.


  1. @Peter Szijjarto
    Sir, with all respect.
    Please legally correct your statement of ‘Hungarians should be allowed to decide about Hungary’s future and Poles should be allowed to decide about Poland’s future.’


    ‘Hungarians SHALL be allowed to decide about Hungary’s future and Poles SHALL be allowed to decide about Poland’s future.

    Just my 2 cents,

    Please keep up your great work, your party( my elected party) might just make it to Saint-Hood 🙂

  2. Péter Szijjarto as Viktor Orbán both know that the only way Hungarians and Poles will be allowed to decide their own future as sovereign nation is outside of the EU “project”. There is no future for a independent, sovereign Hungarian nation with a moslty homegenous Hungarian population in the federalist, liberal left and multiculturalist EU and they know it!

    These gentlemen both know the EU is about the creation of a federal state and to end of the nation states of Europe by moving more and more power to Brussel and the open border policies, socalled “freedom of movement” (people from East Europe move to Western Europe, especially a lot of young ones) and liberal immigration laws (third world immigrantion into Europe) so all countries will be “mixed up ethnically and culturally”…. (Coudenhove-Kalergi plan in action)

    Till now Orbán is supporting the EU and is clear about his commitment to this EU project. If he is so naive to think he can change it from within and keep Hungary a sovereign nation, then he will wake up in a nighmare or he is a traitor with the mask of a nationalist, but in reality is one of them.

  3. @Géza

    I wouldn’t be too sure about your concluding statement, “then he will wake up in a nighmare or he is a traitor with the mask of a nationalist, but in reality is one of them.”
    Victor & Péter are both strong in believing that Hungary or East Europe CAN work with the west and at the same time past ememies and Globally too. I can see this by the countless trade and economic missions to foreign countries they have carried out on nearly a weekly basis. They believe much like i do, know and respect your past enemies, as they may one day be your best friends. If the west believes that they can take something away from one of the oldest European nations such as Nationality or Native rights, then their in for a bad surprise. The Visegrad 4 did not jointly and cautiously enter the the EU in 2004 without a plan B. There will be very little stopping them from breaking away and forming a new Central European Union of their own more than likely being rejoined by Balkan nations and other and probably becoming an economic giant of its own. Of course Victors party sees it best to try to make the most of staying with Germany as this would be the most advantageous immediately. However failing that, Central Europe could break away over the EC’s anti-biasing towards East Europe as well as the forced Western Liberal mindset.

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