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The European Union must deal with instability in the Sahel region which, similarly to the situation in Libya, could further increase pressure on Europe due to migration, Hungary’s foreign minister said on Monday.

Hungary appreciates German efforts to quell tensions in Libya, Szijjártó told Hungarian journalists during a break of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels, noting that the Berlin initiative had brought the United States, Russia, China and the EU to the same table.

Hungary, he said, supports every effort to bring about a ceasefire and a political resolution to the conflict, he said.

In connection with the Sahel, Szijjártó said migration from the region is putting Europe under increased pressure. Hungary’s policy to provide aid at the location where it is needed instead of “importing problems” to Europe has concentrated on the region. This policy, he added, has already paid dividends.

Referring to the EU military training mission aimed at reforming militaries in the region that maintain stability, he said Hungary supported the mission’s extension as part of its own policy of providing help where it is needed. Hungary has tripled to 21 the number of soldiers that contribute to EU operations that boost stability and fight terrorism in the region, he added.

The minister said

the EU should focus on improving conditions in the countries of would-be migrants, in order to prevent their exodus, instead of redistributing migrants who are already in Europe.

Asked about the European Parliament’s recent resolution condemning Hungary and Poland in connection with the rule of law, Szijjártó referred to the European People’s Party from which Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has been suspended, saying the EPP “is moving towards the left in leaps and bounds”.

“It is clear that some of its leaders want the EPP to move even further to the left to pursue what they say is a centrist policy,” Szijjártó said. There are, however, other countries that share Hungary’s view that the EPP would be successful were it to pursue a characteristic right-wing policy.

Source: MTI

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