Budapest (MTI) – It is likely that joint patrols of Hungary’s southern border will be undertaken by forces belonging to the countries of the Visegrad Group next week, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told public television M1 on Thursday.

The minister spoke after a meeting in Luxembourg between interior and foreign ministers of Turkey, Jordan and representatives of the western Balkan countries.

The prime ministers of the Czech Rep, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia will finalise the forms of contribution to joint border protection next week on the sidelines of the European Council meeting, he said.

He emphasised that the agreement was an example to the European Union since the EU can only give an adequate response to the migration crisis if the external border is protected “with action not just words,” he said. Until Greece’s borders are properly protected with European forces there is no chance of facing the crisis successfully, he said, adding the V4 would demonstrate that they can protect Hungary’s borders. “If four countries can come together to do so then 28 can do the same,” he said.

Photo: MTI


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