Civil groups voice support for new abortion rules

such an encounter between mother and baby have turned around a number of desperate mothers under pressure of circumstances" #DailyNewsHungay #Hungary #civilgroups

Polish abortion ban: women have to give birth even to unviable babies?

The new #law makes women to give birth even to babies without kidneys. Do you agree with that? #Poland #CentralEurope #abortion #Warsaw #government #health

“My body. My temple. Respect it.” – Hungarian short film on Polish abortion law

Watch the intense, thought-provoking video here ⬇️ #hungary #poland #abortionlaw #animation

Pálinka and abortion as part of the new Hungarian National Core Curriculum?!

Do you want your children to know how distilling Pálinka works, or would you like them to read a biased Biology textbook?

Politicians of Fidesz now and then about abortion

Apparently, politicians of Fidesz see many issues differently than their former selves - e.g. abortion.

The decline of the Hungarian population is still high

The number of #marriages went up to 22,161 in the first half of 2018 #hungary #hungarian #population