Is Brussels discriminating against Hungarian farmers?

"The commission made a political decision rather than a professional one." #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #EuropeanUnion

Agricultural trade hit records between Germany and Hungary in 2022

"Germany is traditionally the most important economic partner of Hungary, in the agricultural sector as well"

Hungary and Slovenia in talks

Hungary and Slovenia are working to develop mutually advantageous cooperation in forestry and wildlife management. #hungary #dailynewshungary #slovenia

AGROmashEXPO draws 44,000 visitors

The AGROmashEXPO agricultural exhibition was held in Budapest from 25-28 January:

The increased Ukrainian grain export is causing problems for Hungary

The increased Ukrainian grain exports have badly affected the EU agricultural market. #Hungary #Dailynewshungary #Ukraine #grainexport #EU

Bad news: food price rises in Hungary in the World Bank’s TOP 10 list

Hungary has been added to the list of countries with the fastest rising food prices, according to World Bank data. Check out the list and the reasons! #list #inflation #Hungary #Hungarian #prices

Hungary agrees in principle on the need to cut down on the use of pesticides, but…

"The European Union's proposals will lead to a fall in agricultural production and higher food prices"

Land taxation is against the Hungarian Constitution, agriculture ministry says

The Ministry of Agriculture rejects the introduction of a land tax in Hódmezővásárhely, in southern Hungary. #hungary #dailynewshungary #

Agriculture minister greets 11th agriculture forum for Carpathian Basin

11th Cooperation Forum of the Carpathian Basin/XI. Kárpát-medencei Összefogás Fórum

Lake Balaton: local communities are going through rapid changes

The communities of #LakeBalaton Uplands have experienced unprecedented changes in their #lifestyle and economic structure over the last century. #dailynewshungary #hungary

Hungary to offer scholarship programme to nearly 50 countries

Hungary helps sustainable development by offering a scholarship programme to nearly 50 countries, agriculture minister told UN Food and Agriculture Organization's director.

Fertiliser prices rise due to sanctions, Hungarian agriculture minister says

"Farmers need help now," he said. #hungary #dailynewshungary #agriculture #sanctions

This is how Hungary wants to spend the 13 billion EUR EU aid of the CAP

Agriculture and food production have become strategic areas in Hungary #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #agriculture

Hungary to spend over EUR 14.7 bn on sector in CAP funding over 5 years

Agricultural exports are expected to grow by 57 percent to 15 billion euros #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary

Gloomy forecast: 5 euro bread in Hungary is on the way

The natural gas supply chain issues still hinder fertiliser production which might lead to unaffordable bread prices. #dailynewshungary #Hungary #fertiliser #agriculture

EC approves Hungary’s Common Strategic Agricultural Policy Plan, gives billions of euros

The European Commission said the supported projects will create at least 7,000 jobs. #hungary #dailynewshungary #agriculture #europeancommission #money

Hungarian vegetables in danger: many may run out by the end of this year

Hungarian farmers struggle to store their products this year because of the rising energy prices, as refrigeration has become very expensive. #dailynewshungary #Hungary #energy crisis #agriculture

Skyrocketing food prices showed that sanctions hurt Europe more than Russia, says Minister Nagy

The issue of food prices has been included in the government's National Consultation public survey

Kyiv bails out Hungary, the Ukrainian corn is coming

Ukraine will be able to help Hungary with its corn needs. The droughts devastated this year's harvest and corn has to be imported.

Hungarian ministry: EU proposals would lead to farm production contraction

Meeting of the ministers of agriculture in Brussels: