Hungarian government to provide EUR 6.4m in support for educational farms

This morning we wrote that Hungarian agriculture is in deep trouble. This is a little help from the government:

Foreign workers needed to save Hungarian agriculture?

Hungarian agriculture lags behind the majority of Western European countries in terms of territorial and labour productivity. #agriculture #europe #labour

Hungary continues to seek close cooperation with FAO

Hungary continues to seek close cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

European farming under ‘green ideological pressure’, says Hungarian minister

European farming: The Hungarian agriculture minister said the EU's policy of compulsory set-aside "endangers food security", details HERE

Hungarian minister Nagy: Brussels keeps the agriculture crisis going

Do you think the European Parliament has made the situation of European farmers more difficult? #agriculture #farmers #eu #ep

PM Orbán launches campaign in rural Hungary

"The first Hungarian prime minister to come from a village"

Orbán cabinet: EU must set clear directive on Russia-Ukraine conflict

EU must ensure its reactions to the war's developments are predictable for the bloc and for Ukraine

Hungary will help Uganda to develop local agriculture – PHOTOS, VIDEO

An agriculture cooperation agreement between Hungary and Uganda can further strengthen the two countries' agriculture ties, István Nagy said #africa #development #uganda #agriculture #economy

Hungary forwards proposals on reducing farmers’ red tape

After a meeting of EU agriculture ministers - Hungary has advanced 45 proposals to the Belgian EU presidency on reducing administrative burdens on farmers

Agricultural chambers of V4, Latvia and Lithuania to hold joint demonstration on this week

"In light of the recent farmer demonstrations, decision-makers are now backpedaling it could be because of the upcoming EP elections"

Visegrád 4 countries protest against EU policies

The agriculture chambers called on decision-makers in Brussels to stop "making things impossible" for European farmers. #agriculture #protest #v4 #eu

PM Orbán meets farmers protesting in Brussels

"The European Commission must represent the interests of European farmers against Ukrainians, not the other way around," Viktor Orbán said. #farmers #ViktorOrbán #EC #EuropeanUnion

CEE ministers press EC for steps to manage Ukraine grain glut

Central and eastern European agriculture ministers have once again turned to the EC for support in managing the impact of market disturbances

Ukraine accession can threaten livelihood of European people?

Minister István Nagy is afraid that Europeans cannot compete with "Ukrainian estates of hundreds of thousands of hectares owned by Western capitalists". #ukraine #europeanunion #eu #agriculture

Hungary strives for cooperation based on mutual respect with Russia, says Szijjártó in Moscow

Respect-based cooperation with Russia?

Agriculture minister: Hungary, Georgia ties strengthening

Hungary's top quality seed production is worth EUR 500 million a year, Isvtán Nagy said. #agriculture #Hungarianagriculture #Georgia

Fidesz politician calls for preventing humanitarian disaster in Chad

If the situation in Chad turned into a humanitarian disaster, it would trigger a migration wave towards Europe, including Hungary, Azbej Tristan said. #Chad #humanitary

Economic development minister in talks with Azeri counterpart

Azerbaijan was an increasingly important economic partner for Hungary. #Azerbaijan

Will the ban on Ukrainian grain imports return?

NAK and Magosz called it "unacceptable" that the EC had not extended the import ban on Ukrainian agricultural products, despite calls from several central European countries to do so... #EuropeanUnion #agriculture #Ukraine

Ukraine files lawsuit against Hungary, Poland and Slovakia

Kyiv sues Hungary, Poland and Slovakia for refusing to lift the ban on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products. #ukraine #poland #slovakia #agriculture #court