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Hungarian culture minister calls on EU to support AI solutions in preserving cultural heritage

"Good European policies strengthen our communities, ties and sense of belonging, rather than dismantling and pulverising our identity." #AI #culture #tradition #heritage

Hungarian artificial intelligence invention to revolutionise solar energy sector?

A Hungarian artificial intelligence expert cooperated on a revolutionary new project that could help the fight against climate change.

Harambe Token: A Smart Investment or a Risky Gamble?

Harambe Token presents itself as a compelling opportunity in AI-driven finance. It strongly emphasizes transparency, community involvement, and harnessing AI for trading.

EU’s Media Freedom Act is ‘censorship law’, Orbán’s Fidesz says

An MEP of ruling Fidesz slammed the Media Freedom Act adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday as "a censorship law" #censorship #media #ai #fidesz #eu

UNCHAIN Fintech Festival 2024 in Nagyvárad-Oradea: finance meets future in CEE

Nagyvárad-Oradea will be the heart this summer of fintech's future in CEE #fintech #unchain #festival #economy #technology #finance

Stunning VISUALS: Green Budapest would look marvellous without cars

AI was used to generate a green Budapest, and it looks astonishing - check out the visuals and the details in our article below #AI #Budapest #green #carfree

Should Hungarian Companies be Doing More to Adapt to the Rise of Artificial Intelligence?

AI is sweeping the world – yet Hungarian businesses are flagging. Can they learn quickly and catch up?

Tech Trends: The Latest Innovations Shaping the Gaming Experience

Tech trends seem to be popping up out of nowhere, and that’s exactly what makes contemporary gaming so good.

Should small Hungarian businesses concentrate on an online presence?

Why are Hungarian businesses holding back? While the internet isn’t a new inception and has a wealth of opportunities for businesses of all sizes worldwide, there are...

AI developed and tasted its own energy drink

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the world of energy drinks - it not only created what it considers the perfect recipe, but also tasted it. #hellenergy #hungary

PHOTOS: How does AI picture famous Hungarian landmarks?

How do Hungarian landmarks look according to artificial intelligence? #Hungary #dailynewshungary #AI

What does ChatGPT think of Hungary?

Can an open AI accurately describe an entire country? #Hungary #dailynewshungary #ChatGPT #AI

Hungarian startup the first to launch AI-Based software for customer service

Hungarian startup SAAS First, created by GBD Software as Service Ltd, has made waves in the SaaS industry by launching an AI-powered conversational bot for customer service.

Budapest Mayor: artificial intelligence is smarter than the Hungarian government

Artificial intelligence gave answers to the question: What decisions are in the best long-term interest of Budapest? #hungary #dailynewshungary #hungarian #government #mayor #budapest #ai

Department of Artificial Intelligence opens at ELTE

The IT faculty of Budapest's Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE) inaugurated its Department of Artificial Intelligence, the first in the country:

Palkovics highlights judiciary digitalisation at international conference

Digital Public Administration Summit in Budapest

Hungary to build Europe’s largest supercomputer


European justice ministers’ conference held in Gödöllő

"Digitalisation, AI present challenges to judicial systems"

ViroFighter: Hungarian disinfection robot built to combat the coronavirus

Designed first and foremost for use in schools and hospitals, it could save lives. #Hungary #Hungarian #robot #artificialintelligence #technology #future #coronavirus #health

What modern technologies are used in medical industry

Clinics and hospitals should embrace all the emerging healthcare technologies.