Hungarian court


Italian man causes disturbing scene at petrol station near M7 motorway in Hungary

The petrol station staff had to hide the man's girlfriend in the office while they called the police. #court #petrolstation #police

Homeless twice-murderer sentenced to life imprisonment

Homeless twice-murderer will never kill again #dailynewshungary #hungary #murder

Opposition turns to top court on election law amendment

"The new mechanism obviously violates fundamental democratic rights"

Hungarian Parliament passes 2024 tax laws, elects 4 constitutional court judges

Despite a difficult economic situation in Hungary, the government will implement further tax cuts next year, the finance ministry said. #hungary #dailynewshungary #finance #tax #court

Hungarian Court annuls EUR 300 million fine imposed on Ryanair

"Ryanair welcomes this ruling, which reverses this absurd and politically motivated fine." #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Ryanair

Hungarian court approves ‘Brazilian Escobar’s’ extradition

A Brazilian national arrested in Hungary last summer on charges of drug trafficking and other crimes can be extradited for prosecution in another state. #hungary #dailynewshungary #brazil #drug

PHOTOS: Brutal animal cruelty caught in Hungarian apartment

A Hungarian woman kept 107 cats and one dog in her 73-square-meter apartment in terrible conditions. #Hungary #Dailynewshungary #animalcruelty

President Novák pardons seven defendants in right-wing activist Budahazy’s case

"Budaházy set up a terrorist organisation called the Hungarian Arrows to carry out attacks against lawmakers of the then ruling Socialist-Free Democrat alliance between 2007 and 2009"

Member of Islamic State arrested for extradition in Budapest

A court has ordered the provisional arrest for the extradition of a man who is under an international warrant issued in Tajikistan for his activities as a mercenary. #hungary #dailynewshungary #court #islamicstate #terrorism

Hungarian Top Court: amendment of the Criminal Procedure Act is constitutional

The legislative amendment makes it possible to raise corruption cases in court. #hungary #dailynewshungary #court #constitution #amendment

Putin-ally Russian billionaire building controversial condominium in Budapest

A sports hall would be built on one half of the site, and a huge apartment building on the other. #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Budapest

A Hungarian woman woke up from coma after nine years

Meanwhile, the woman in coma also faced a court case, details HERE:

Budapest court hands prison terms, fine to paramilitary group members

The paramilitary group seized more than 30 guns, several thousand rounds of ammunition and...

OSCE concerns about the independence of Hungary’s media authority

Reynders said he "could not report any positive developments" concerning the state of the rule of law in Hungary, but...

Lithuanian human smuggler sentenced to prison

After his van was stopped by police near Kiskunmajsa, he tried to...

A Hungarian policeman robbed a bank!

The Hungarian policeman who was arrested on Wednesday for robbing a bank in Pécs confessed to the robbery. #hungary #police #bank #robbing #pécs

Foreign national jailed for assaulting and raping a woman in Budapest

A Budapest court has sentenced a foreign national to many years in prison:

Yemeni national jailed for sexual assault in Budapest

A Budapest court on Tuesday sentenced a Yemeni citizen to prison for attempted rape.

Russian man arrested at Ukrainian-Hungarian border pending possible extradition

A Budapest court has ordered the 40-day pre-trial detention of a Russian man pending his possible extradition:

Hungarian researcher threatened to kill Ukrainian diplomat

The man threatened to kill the first-class secretary and diplomat of Ukraine serving in Hungary twice. 🇭🇺👨‍⚖️🇺🇦 #law #crime #hungary #ukraine #diplomat #dailynewshungary