Hungarian healthcare system


Emergency alert: Hospital debts skyrocket over EUR 250 million in Hungary

Hospital debts soared past EUR 250 million by the end of February in Hungary, leading to a temporary closure of hospital wards. #Healthcare #Hospital #Debts #Government

Will Hungary allow assisted suicide?

Opposition parties said they have submitted to parliament an amendment proposal aimed at "creating the freedom to make end-of-life decisions". #Hungary #hospital #health #healthcare #government #suicide

4 critical instances when the Hungarian state failed its citizens

The failures of the Hungarian state, tightly controlled by the government, extend beyond child protection to areas such as assistance for Ukrainian refugees, healthcare and education. What exactly are these failures? #Government #Failures #Fidesz #Orbán

Hungarian minister announces end of public-private healthcare divide

During a conference hosted by the Hungarian Hospital Association, Péter Takács, the Minister of State for Health, declared the conclusion of the division between public and private healthcare. What does this mean for the Hungarian healthcare system? #Healthcare #Government

SMA screening to continue in Hungary

Gergely Gulyás said the screenings would continue to be offered at Szeged University, at Budapest's Semmelweis University. #Governmentinfo #Hungariangovernment #health

Hungarian healthcare system is dying, with waiting lists for some surgeries lasting almost 7 years

We offer you an in-depth look into the Hungarian healthcare industry. In our article, we discuss the main reasons for the long waiting lists: #healthcare #industry #waiting

Hungarian Govt to raise nurses’ and teachers’ wages

School and kindergarten teachers will receive a 32.2 percent pay increase in February and another 21 percent increase next year, Gergely Gulyás said.... #teacher #education #health #Hungariangovernment

Semmelweis University completes first liver transplant with shared organ in Hungary

Meanwhile, the clinic has completed another intervention, where the recipients were a 20-month-old boy and a man with a Hepatitis B infection. #health #Semmelweis #transplant

Time to save for private care? Hungarian state pulling out of healthcare

"I think anyone who can afford it should set aside a sum for their healthcare," the President of the Hungarian Medical Chamber said. #health #healthcare #hospital

Patience advised: extremely long waiting times in Hungarian healthcare sector

A good health system can reflect the good state of a country. Well, this is the reality in Hungary: #healthcare #waiting #surgery

Gratuity payments still present in Hungarian healthcare system

The National Defence Service (NVSZ) has launched a media campaign to eliminate gratuity payments from Hungarian health care #health #healthcare #hospital #media

Government: Hungary plans to set up one of Europe’s best healthcare systems

The interior minister highlighted improvements in Hungarian healthcare since the ministry took over the coordination of the sector's tasks. #healthcare #government

Hungary will legalize euthanasia?

Euthanasia is not legally permitted in Hungary - here is the government's opinion about legalizing it or not #government #health #healthcare

Hungarian hospitals struggling with high debt

Several hospitals have accumulated debt exceeding 3 billion forints (EUR 8.1m), an opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) lawmaker said #hospital #healthcare #health #government #hospital

Hungarian hospitals in sky-high debt: serious medicine shortage may come

Hungarian hospitals in a shambles: they may run out of medicine due to the healthcare sectors' sky-high debt #medicine #health #healthcare #government

Important change in Hungarian ambulance service

Keep these changes in mind just in case you need to call for an ambulance in Hungary in the future. #ambulance #health #healthcare

Updates on Hungary’s 112 emergency call system

Hungary's 112 emergency call system started operating in 2015. But will it remain the same? #emergencycalls #112

Shocking ranking: Hungary is one of the poorest European countries?

Are we really one of the poorest countries in Europe? Eurostat published shocking data on the standard of living in Hungary.

Depressing report: Hungary mortality rate second highest globally

Hungary has the highest cancer mortality rate in the index, the highest rate of lung disease deaths, and places second for deaths from both strokes and liver disease. #mortality #disease #health

Hungarian radicals slam WHO’s pandemic accord, want Orbán to reject it

Mi Hazánk is collecting signatures in support of its campaign against the World Health Organization's (WHO) planned pandemic accord #MiHazánk #WHO #pandemic #health