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Officers in police and fire stations will freeze in Hungary

In an attempt to limit electricity and natural gas usage the government of Hungary implemented regulations, limiting maximum temperatures. #hungary #dailynewshungary #police #firefighters #regulation #temperature #energy

Hungarian man suspected to have paid 50,000 EUR for diplomatic rank

Police have detained a Hungarian man suspected of promising to arrange honorary consular positions in Africa for money

Opposition: If Hungarian govt can afford pay hike for police, teachers should also get higher wage

"If there are enough funds in the budget to pay for a pay rise for police, then there is no reason to tie a hike for teachers to the arrival of EU funds." #hungary #dailynewshungary #teachers #payrise #money #government

PHOTOS, VIDEO: check out a Hungarian prison from the inside

Have you ever wondered how a Hungarian prison looks in the inside? Here is your chance to check out some photos and a video. #Hungary #prison #ombudsman #dailynewshungary #visit

Ten people charged with forging HUF 20,000 notes

The Budapest Public Prosecutor's Office has charged ten people with forging and distributing 20,000 forint (EUR 50) banknotes

Terrible tragedy: Seven dead after train crashes into car in Hungary railway crossing

When seven people are travelling in an Opel Corsa and the train comes...