Hungary's joint opposition for 2022


Hungarian opposition calls for scrapping costly fireworks display in Budapest

"Fireworks displays are going out of fashion in many places in the world because they not only cost a lot, but release material that pollute the air," Benedek Jávor said... #firework #Budapest

Hungarian FinMin: Opposition budget amendment proposals would entail HUF 3,200 bn bigger tax bill

Mihály Varga said the government's 2024 budget was focused on ensuring the country's security in times of war... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #budget #Hungariangovernment

Hungarian opposition 2024 budget ‘based on lies and false numbers’

"Even Fidesz can't hide that they have submitted a budget of price hikes to parliament," László Varjú said... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Hungarianopposition

ÁSZ head: Opposition parties’ fine over foreign campaign financing ‘as yet undecided’

ÁSZ has the right and obligation to define the amount the parties had received in unlawful party financing... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Hungarianopposition #StateAuditOffice

Have Hungarian political parties been financed from abroad?

Last August, Péter Márki-Zay, the one-time opposition candidate for prime minister and leader of MMM, said in a podcast that they had received several hundred million forints from people in the United States. #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Fidesz #Hungarianpolitics

Police launch investigation into US support for Hungarian opposition

Has the Hungarian opposition embezzled and laundered money?

Hungarian opposition calls for special parliament session over ‘cost-of-living crisis’

Hungarian opposition propose VAT cuts, a public transport "climate pass"

Finance minister Varga: Opposition proposals would boost spending by EUR 11.5 bn – UPDATE

Proposals submitted by the leftist opposition to next year's budget would increase spending by 4,600 billion forints (EUR 1.15bn) and...

Are most Hungarians dissatisfied with the opposition? – poll

Only three opposition parties would get into parliament, according to the latest public opinion poll:

Budapest by-elections yield 3 ruling party, 1 opposition victory

The opposition candidates could appeal to opposition voters in few places

Mayors from the opposition not getting financial aid in Hungary?

Aafter the 2022 governmental elections were over, were they “immediately attacked”? #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #politics #opposition #JánosLázár

Fidesz proposes divvying out parliament positions based on 2/3rds to 1/3rd

The heads of ten committees will go to government representatives, details HERE

OSCE raises several objections to the 2022 elections in Hungary

The @OSCE has made serious criticisms of the Hungarian elections

Jobbik leader blames Márky-Zay for defeat

Jobbik leader says Márky-Zay caused the opposition's defeat:

This is Gyurcsány’s opinion on the election defeat

Hungary Election 2022: read here Gyurcsány's opinion on the election defeat

CNN: Despite Orbán’s duplicity, will he still win Hungarian elections?

Will the current Hungarian government be dethroned by the joint opposition, or voters agree with Orbán that the "safety of Hungary is first"? 🇭🇺🗳️ #politics #elections #russia #ukraine #EU #hungary #dailynewshungary

Joint opposition to make voting easier for Hungarians living in West Europe, USA

The united opposition has pledged to base its policies concerning Hungarians communities beyond the borders on a consensus of all political parties and civil organisations within and outside Hungary. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #USA #election2022 #WestEurope #emigration #opposition

Ukrainians and the Hungarian left would simply turn off the energy pipelines coming from Russia, says Orbán

"Ruining ourselves isn't help"

Hungary could lose EU resources if it refuses to join EPPO, says MEP Ujhelyi

EU resources could remain frozen as long as Hungary refuses to join the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO)

PM candidate Márki-Zay: Orbán had violated the most important imperative of Christians, not to kill

Hungary Election: April 3, 2022