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PM Orbán would secure a landslide victory on the elections despite the clemency scandal

The presidential clemency scandal did not break Orbán's lead. #ViktorOrbán 2024election #EPelections #poll #nézőpont

This Hungarian party is the German AfD’s biggest ally

They also announced their EP list today. #EuropeanParliament #EP #afd #germany #mihazánk

Armed Ukrainian terror groups plan to execute Hungarian MPs?

Hungarian right-radical Mi Hazánk party says armed Ukrainian groups want to execute all their parliamentary group members. #mihazánk #ukraine #war

Opposition about Fidesz presidential candidate Sulyok: Orbán’s pen, yet another Fidesz party soldier

Opposition Momentum said they would not participate in "Fidesz's parliamentary circus in which Orbán's next pen is selected."

First candidate for Hungarian President announced

Following the resignation of Katalin Novák, a party has announced its nominee for the next Hungarian President. #president #politics

Lending reform will come in Hungary?

Lending reform will come in Hungary? #lending #economy

Hungarian party: Hungary should claim back Transcarpathia from Ukraine

László Toroczkai, the head of the radical Mi Hazánk party, said the party needed to "find partners in our fight againt globalism" #MHM #MiHazánk #globalism #Ukraine #government

Hungarian workers getting replaced with foreigners?

An opposition party is worried #MiHazánk #economy #worker

Extreme-right opposition party to have mayoral candidates in Budapest

Will that endanger the positions of the opposition in the capital? #MiHazánk #ourhomeland #DóraDúró

Right to vote will be linked to literacy in Hungary?

Mi Hazánk "doesn't want to exclude anyone based on their ethnicity", but "this problem may affect Gypsies in Hungary the most", they said. #mihazánk #radical #suffrage #literacy

Radical Hungarian party: Government should reject global pandemic pact

The Mi Hazánk movement has called on the government to register an objection to the World Health Organisation's planned pandemic pact. #pandemic #who #mihazánk

Special border gendarmerie will be introduced in Hungary?

László Toroczkai, leader of the opposition Mi Hazánk party has called for a special border gendarmerie to be introduced.

Hungarian army, police will open fire on illegal migrants?

Illegal migrants on Hungary's southern border should be stopped by granting border guards the authority to open fire, a party believes #parliament #MiHazánk #shoot #army #police #shoot #migration

Opposition Hungarian party wants to ban the World Press Photo 2023 exhibition because of LGBTQ propaganda

Is the World Press Photo 2023 exhibition #LGBTQ propaganda? @WorldPressPhoto

Hungarian border guards will get permission to shoot on migrants?

There is anarchy at the Hungarian-Serbian border, border guards are under fire: should they return it and shoot on migrants? #MiHazánk #border #migration #police

Hungarian radical party welcomes law tightening on guest workers

"We're not xenophobic, we simply fear for our country," Mi Hazánk deputy leader Dávid Dócs told a press conference. #mihazánk #radical #guestworkers #labour

Hungarian radical party: dual citizenship kept secret presents national security risk

Előd Novák of Mi Hazánk noted that in Israel, MPs must choose between their seat and dual citizenship. He would like to see something similar in Hungary, too. #mihazánk #mps #parliament #citizenship

Hungarian opposition: WHO mustn’t be allowed to become ‘world government’

Dóra Dúró said, insisting that the WHO "has by now clearly become a corporation of the pharmaceutical industry, representing the interests of its financiers and serving their goal to generate profits"

Hungarian opposition protests against Blackrock-backed state purchase of Budapest intl airport

Whereas the airport should be under national control, HUF 1,500 billion (EUR 3.9bn) of public money should not be spent on such a deal in the current economic situation, László Toroczkay said.... #MiHazánk #BudapestAirport

Hungarian agriculture enriches foreign companies?

Instead of subsidising foreign battery plants, the government should support Hungary's agriculture sector #agriculture #money #government