municipal elections in Hungary 2024


Budapest struggling with money problems?

Ambrus Kiss, the deputy mayor of Budapest, revealed on Thursday whether Budapest struggles with money problems or not. #budapest #money #liquidity

Budapest mayor Karácsony submits proposal to repeat election to top court

Do you think the Budapest municipal election should be redone? #Budapest #Karácsony #election

Dávid Vitézy calls recount of invalid votes thorough, justified

The recount of invalid votes cast in the Budapest mayoral election at the June 9 municipal elections was meticulous and justified, Dávid Vitézy said. #Budapest #election

Election scandal? Budapest mayor Karácsony calls for new election

Even though he was declared the winner of the election. #Budapest #mayor #election

Recount of invalid votes in Budapest mayoral election starts today

The National Election Office (NVI) on Friday started recounting the invalid votes cast at the Budapest mayoral election at the June 9 election. #election #2024 #Budapest

Karácsony initiates repeat election for Budapest mayor

Karácsony told a press conference on Thursday that recounting the invalid votes in Sunday's election would involve "so many legal uncertainties that it could only be remedied by way of a new election". #Karácsony #Vitézy #Budapest #election2024

Budapest mayoral election: Dávid Vitézy initiates recount of invalid votes

If a recount is not carried out, the resulting uncertainty would undermine the legitimacy of the mayor, he said. #mayor #Budapest #election #Vitézy

Election recap: Péter Magyar’s party wins big, Karácsony remains but may have problems in the Assembly

What do you think the future holds for Hungarian politics after the election results?

Still no decision on who will be the Mayor of Budapest? Vitézy calls for a recount

After more than 700,000 votes, the difference between the two candidates was 324:

Local elections in Hungary: a few hundred votes could decide the mayor of Budapest – UPDATE

Who will run Budapest? After hundreds of thousands of votes, there is little difference between the two strong candidates

Péter Magyar: Tisza to prove itself as Hungarian government’s only real challenger

Magyar said his party welcomed the high turnout because it considered elections to be "a celebration of democracy". #PéterMagyar #TiszaParty #elections

Péter Magyar calls for a new regime change in Hungary

Péter Magyar said today's vote provided an opportunity for Hungarians "to say stop and no more". #elections #PéterMagyar #TiszaParty #politics

Elections in Hungary: the most important happenings – UPDATE

Are you voting in Hungary today? #election #EuropeanParliament #municipalelections

Can Vitézy beat incumbent Budapest mayor Karácsony?

Who do you think will win? #Budapest #mayor

Letters, posters and promises: campaigns targeting foreigners in Hungary amid the elections

Foreign citizens with a Hungarian address can also vote in local government elections, and campaigns try to convince them with various methods.

Candidates in Budapest municipal election present ideas in TV debate

Candidates of five political parties in the Budapest municipal election set for June 9 participated in a debate:

Budapest mayoral debate: here’s what Karácsony and Vitézy promised

Incumbent mayor Karácsony and Dávid Vitézy was there, but Alexandra Szentkirályi, the mayoral candidate of ruling Fidesz-KDNP remained absent. #mayor #budapest #2024elections #municipalelections

EP and municipal elections: Voksmonitor 2024 is available

For the 2024 EP elections, K-Monitor has prepared an application called Voksmonitor, which you can access at the website of Voksmonitor. #voksmonitor #kmonitor #2024elections

Fidesz mayoral candidate Szentkirályi: I prepare for a job that calls for rolling up my sleeves

"I am a politician focused on discipline," Szentkirályi said, adding that "we have a clear vision of what kind of a city we would like to see as the nation's capital." #Szentkirályi #Budapest #Fidesz #elections

Budapest mayor Karácsony would let LGBTQ activists loose on children?

Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi said that Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony would "let LGBTQ activists loose on children". Do you believe him? #GergelyKarácsony #budapest #2024election #municipalelections