PM Orbán: NATO’s task is not to win wars

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said late on Wednesday that NATO should make efforts to achieve peace, not win wars going on around it. #nato #viktororban #pmorban #ukrainewar #war #russia

Hungarian minister: Ukraine NATO membership ‘not subject of realistic discussion’

Do you agree with the Hungarian government? #ukraine #war #nato #government

PM Orbán called Manfred Weber hungarophobic

Manfred Weber, the head of the European People’s Party group in the European Parliament, leads “a pro-war, pro-migration, anti-economy coalition”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Hungarian […]

Orbán’s opinion has changed, Hungary is ready to support Rutte’s NATO leadership bid

So far Rutte's NATO leadership bid was unacceptable to the Orbán government, now it is fully supported:

Hungary’s loyalty issue could impact information sharing within NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Hungary on Wednesday and discussed the contentious issues between Hungary and NATO with Viktor Orbán, but Hungary's loyalty to the alliance raises several questions.

NATO ministers confirm Hungary’s non-participation in Ukraine mission, says defence minister

Defence ministers of NATO have confirmed in a meeting in Brussels that Hungary could stay away from the organisation's NATO mission in Ukraine, Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky said. #Ukraine #war #NATO #defence

PM Orbán: Hungary struck important, favourable deal with NATO

"NATO is our home," Orbán says. #NATO #Orbán #deal

The election strengthened the government, says Hungarian minister

According to Gergely Gulyás, Sunday's local and European parliamentary elections have strengthened the government. #government #election

NATO Secretary General in Budapest – PM Orbán: We don’t have to participate in action outside NATO territory

"We do not have to participate in military action outside Hungary," Orbán said. #Orbán #NATO #defence

Foreign minister Szijjártó: NATO members view Ukraine war differently from Hungary

NATO is preparing to launch a Ukraine mission "but we can't prevent that", Szijjártó said. #NATO #war #Ukraine

Hungary at risk: potential exclusion from key NATO group – UPDATE: Romanian president

Talks about potentially excluding Hungary are described as "very serious". #NATO #B9 #diplomacy

Hungarian military receives another 13 Gidran armoured vehicles

The Hungarian armed forces are receiving another 13 Gidran armoured vehicles at its base in Tata, in western Hungary, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the defence minister […]

Orbán wants to stay out of NATO mission in Ukraine

He said Hungary should not even "dip its toe" in the planning phase. #Orbán #Ukraine #war #NATO

Hungarian defence minister: All wars are a result of human decisions

According to Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Europe is now preparing for war. #war #Europe #defence

Hungary takes delivery of more Leopard tanks

Hungary has taken delivery of two new Leopard 2A7HU tanks that will be added to the fleet put in service at the army base in Tata, […]

PM Orbán: “We do not want to shed blood for Ukraine”

"we do not want to shed blood for Ukraine, we will not go to war, and we will not die for somebody else on foreign soil", PM Orbán said. Do you agree with him? #ukraine #war #peacemarch #budapest #viktororban

PM Orbán: ‘Others making decisions on Hungarians’ blood unacceptable’ – interview

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán gave a long interview in which he spoke about NATO, the EU and the Peace March

Foreign minister: Government does not allow Hungary to be ‘sucked into NATO’s war madness’

What will happen if the vast majority of European voters support parties that want to defend Ukraine from aggressor Russia?

Heated debates expected by Orbán cabinet at NATO foreign ministers’ informal meeting on Friday

Hungarian minister about the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Prague: "The presence of the Americans and the British will even stimulate this hysterical war psychosis"

Anti-Hungarian Romanian President Iohannis as NATO Secretary General candidate supported by Orbán’s cabinet

Despite Iohannis' previous anti-Hungarian hate speech, he is supported by the Hungarian government