Ombudsmen of Turkic states meet in Hungary

The Turkic States Ombudsman Association is holding its next international conference in Budapest, the Hungarian Ombudsman's Office said #Hungary #Hungarian #TurkicStates #Turkic #Türkiye #dailynewshungary

Hungary’s ombudsman launches study on measures against child abuse in schools

The ombudsman has contacted some one thousand primary and secondary schools and vocational training institutions to...

International Ombudsman Institute head has talks in Hungary concerning Ukraine refugees

Chris Field, the head of the International Ombudsman Institute, has started a visit in Hungary aimed at reviewing ombudsman services to refugees from Ukraine

Hungarian Ombudsman demoted by his foreign colleagues

The Hungarian Ombudsman was demoted by his foreign colleagues. The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights fell from category “A” to “B”. #hungary #eu #ombudsman #humanrights

Ombudsman to open office near Hungary-Ukraine border

Hungary's ombudsman's office will open a local base near the Hungary-Ukraine border:

Hungary’s constitutional order under threat?

Ombudsman voiced concerns, read here what he said. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #politics #opposition #fidesz #government

Will the motorways concession tender be the greatest theft of the past 30 years?

The opposition Párbeszéd party has called on Hungary’s data protection authority (NAIH) to review whether the calculation of motorway concessions should remain subject to secrecy for […]

Foster children violently abused in Hungarian group home?

Both former employees and residents have spoken out about their experiences. #Hungary #Kalocsa #childabuse #violence #fostercare #police #crime

Hungarian ombudsman orders probe into conditions at orphanage

The ombudsman for fundamental rights has ordered a review of the conditions at a children’s home in Kalocsa, in southern Hungary, based on media reports and […]

Hungarian ombudsman received no complaints from patients discharged from hospitals

#Hungarian #Ombudsman had received no complaints from patients discharged from hospitals to free beds for potential #coronavirus patients

Karácsony promises to address accommodation problems for young people

#Momentum's leader Fekete-Győr said the current government and regime were no allies to students

Hungarians mark Memorial Day of Roma Holocaust

August 2 was named international day of the #Roma #Holocaust in 1972

Hungarian parliament elects new fundamental rights ombudsman

#Parliament approved Ákos Kozma as #Hungary's new #ombudsman for fundamental rights

Hungarian ombudsman nominee vows to focus on children’s rights, climate protection

Ákos Kozma to become #Hungary's next #ombudsman for fundamental rights

Hungarian parliament to elect new ombudsman

Monday's session will start at 1pm, details

Ombudsman turns to chief prosecutor over kindergarten abuse in Budapest

Very sad story... A child was exposed to "humiliation and mental torture" by kindergarten teachers :'(

Ombudsman urges move of NE Hungary special needs home children to foster homes

Conditions at the #homes "do not even meet the minimum standard required for caring for #children in protective services" #Hungary #foster #health

Ombudsman requests assessment of child-care services

Every third child taken into care is deprived of a family upbringing due to their family's financial constraints.

Council of Europe delegation inspects Hungary transit zones

A #Council of #Europe delegation has arrived in #Hungary

Hungarian ombudsman: education law amendment not affecting children with special needs

#hungary #education #ombudsman