Ombudsman criticises low wages of prison inmates in Hungary

Low wages generate tensions in prison life?

Ombudsman submits 2016 report to Hungarian parliament

Many reports involved local council procedures and regulations, the use of local taxes, companies' tax evasion practices...

Együtt supports former ombudsman’s candidacy for president

The judiciary aspects of his programme are in complete accord with Együtt's approach

Environmental lawyer Bandi elected as green ombudsman

Budapest, February 21 (MTI) – Environmental lawyer and university lecturer Gyula Bándi was elected as deputy ombudsman for the protection of future generations for a six-year […]

Hungary’s public education system unprepared for language exams

Budapest, February 7 (MTI) – Many hard-working students have no chance of passing their intermediate-level language exam in grammar schools because the public education system has […]

Hungary’s ombudsman: Poverty, fundamental right to human dignity in conflict

Budapest, October 17 (MTI) – Poverty and social exclusion are in conflict with the basic right to human dignity, Hungary’s deputy ombudsman said on Monday, which […]

Ombudsman, civil organisations lobby against CETA free trade deal with Canada

Budapest, October 4 (MTI) – Marcel Szabó, the deputy ombudsman in charge of future generations, as well as representatives of civil organisations on Tuesday called on […]

Environment ombudsman calls for expanding class action lawsuits

Budapest (MTI) – Marcel Szabó, Hungary’s deputy ombudsman in charge of future generations, has called for expanding the types of lawsuits that can be filed on […]

Ombudsman’s office condemns discrimination of Roma in airport checks

Budapest (MTI) – The check-in process for international flights must not involve discrimination, nor must airport personnel humiliate passengers or harm their dignity, the office of […]

Croatian dam plans could threaten River Drava’s ecology in Hungary, says deputy ombudsman

Budapest, March 22 (MTI) – Hungary’s deputy ombudsman in charge of future generations has warned against the ecological damage dams planned by Croatia on the River […]

Ombudsman says rights breached over unavailability of artificial insemination

Budapest, March 9 (MTI) – The ombudsman for fundamental rights has said the rights of infertile couples and single women seeking to have a child have […]

Ombudsman turns to top court over EU migrant quotas

Budapest, December 3 (MTI) – The ombudsman for basic rights has turned to the Constitutional Court over the issue of the EU’s migrant quota system. Laszlo […]

Ombudsman speaks out against scrapping needle-exchange scheme

Budapest, October 16 (MTI) – The fundamental rights ombudsman on Friday said needle-exchange programmes should not be scrapped since they prevent the spread of contagious diseases […]

Partial refurbishment starts in Tokol prison after ombudsman report

Budapest, October 13 (MTI) – Acting on a report by the ombudsman slamming conditions in a prison near Budapest, part of the facility is being refurbished […]

Data ombudsman says biometric ID system helps fight terrorism

Budapest, September 28 (MTI) – Attila Peterfalvi, Hungary’s data protection ombudsman, outlined concerns in connection with the current wave of migration and defended the amended law […]

Tackling migrant crisis from humanitarian aspect priority, says ombudsman

Budapest (MTI) – In tackling the current migration situation, the humanitarian aspect must be considered a priority, the ombudsman for fundamental rights said on Friday. There […]

Fundamental Rights Ombudsman calls for closure of psych ward

Budapest, July 30 (MTI) – The ombudsman for fundamental rights has asked the human resources ministry to close down a mental asylum in Budapest’s Merenyi Gusztav […]

CoE ombudsman chides Orban for Hungary’s “populist trends”

Budapest (MTI) – Human rights commissioner of the Council of Europe Nils Muiznieks has expressed concern over “the populist trend in political discourse in Hungary” in […]

Ombudsman Outlines Responsibilities

Budapest (MTI) – Laszlo Szekely, Hungary’s ombudsman, told MTI in a wide-ranging interview that the government control office has a constitutional right to investigate how civil […]

TASZ denies reports of consultations with ombudsman’s office

Budapest, September 22 (MTI) – The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) did not hold consultations with the ombudsman’s office on the timing of a report about […]