Hungary Election 2022: OSCE delegation meets heads of election office, committee

The OSCE delegation is paying a visit to Hungary between January 17-21 to gather information in...

Swedish-Hungarian economic, defence cooperation thriving, says Minister Szijjártó

???? "It is no secret that the Swedish government sees certain issues differently from Hungary's" @AnnLinde

UN spending on migration instead of on counter-terrorism ‘untenable’, says Hungarian FM

#UN global migration compact encouraged people to leave their homelands - Hungarian minister Szijjártó #hungary #migration #dailynewshungary

Hungarian FM calls for end to ‘politics of interference and lecturing’ at OSCE meeting

"We expect the new Ukrainian president and leadership to put an end to that unlawful state of affairs"

Hungarian opposition complain over use of ‘Stop Soros’ campaign to influence election

"Ever since 2008, in all #Fidesz campaigns the party intentionally placed emphasis on creating a fake enemy and turning people against each other." #hungary #hungarian

Venice Commission calls on Hungary to repeal ‘Stop Soros’ laws

"#Hungary's immigration tax affecting NGOs violates the rights to free expression and association, therefore, the law package dubbed "#Stop #Soros" should be repealed" #venicecommission #hungarian #osce