Budapest, October 20 (MTI) – Budapest mayor Istvan Tarlos has said he insists on keeping his right to a veto in the face of attempts to weaken his powers.

In an interview to commercial broadcaster TV2, he said some politicians, “including at least one person in [ruling party] Fidesz,” were attempting to undermine his power of veto.

Tarlos said that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had promised him the veto, and if he does not keep his promise then he would have to “consider the situation”, which, however, would not necessarily mean he’d offer his resignation, he added.

He said he was open to making compromises with the district mayors of Budapest and held goodwill towards them. Tarlos warned, however, that a “chaotic” situation could emerge if the district mayors were to have their own right of veto and were unprepared to work together with the central municipality.

In the city assembly, ruling Fidesz will have 20 deputies (including the mayor), the Socialists 5, DK and E-PM 2 each, and green LMP, radical nationalist Jobbik 1 each. A leftist coalition deputy and an independent will also get a mandate.



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