Unicum is a popular liqueur-type alcohol, one of the most famous Hungarian brands. It was patented by János Zwack in 1883, but the recipe was created as early as 1790. It goes well with family toasting after lunch and partying. Everyone loves it, from a factory worker to a bank manager.

In addition to pálinka, Unicum is one of the most popular Hungarian alcoholic beverages. The origin of the drink is said to be that doctor Zwack, the emperor’s court physician, offered his ruler a special herbal liqueur. Joseph the Second, the ruler, loved the drink and said: “This is unique/unicum!”

The image of Unicum is also unique. The spherical glass is familiar to everyone. The recipe is, of course, secret, but the drink is made from more than 40 types of herbs. The six-month maturation in oak barrels also plays a big role in the taste.

The original one is popular; however, opinions are divided on the flavoured version. “It’s like it was stripped of the herbal hungaricum, but we don’t get anything in return.” The flavoured version was basically, unspokenly, created more for women. There are already Unicum Next and Unicum plum versions. Now, the latest coffee version has been released, which was tested by Telex.

Before the official version was released, many had previously encountered it in various pubs.

The new version has been named Unicum Barista so that from now on, everyone can benefit from this completely unique experience.

Before the taste evaluation and the reviews, it is important to note that it is not worth replacing coffee with Unicum Barista. It first greatly raises the heart rate and then decreases the concentration under the influence of alcohol.

Some say the taste is milder than the original; the coffee effect is barely noticeable in smell and taste.

The second tester also felt that in addition to the mild coffee scent, the herb still dominated. He does not like the original either, and that will not be his favourite either.

However, the third tester also likes coffee and Unicum. He feels like the coffee does not really show up next to Unicum. It is definitely significantly better than Unicum plums.

As much as I am not a Unicum fan, I am so coffee-addicted, says the fourth taster. The first sip of intense coffee taste quickly disappears. In summary, the experience is more coffee liqueur than Unicum.

According to the fifth person, the charm of Unicum is bitterness; however, they can address fewer people with it, so there are variants. According to him, the Unicum Barista is like drinking soft coffee. Not very memorable.

Finally, the last tester said the scent is more like coffee. When sipped, it can feel milder than the original Unicum. Ideal for those for whom Unicum is too strong.


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