This collection shows you the most romantic small towns in Hungary, says.



The pearl of the Alpokalja is a real fairytale town with a charming main square, a medieval castle, an adventurous moat and beautiful hiking trails. It is interesting that honor box office is still working in this idyllic town.


This frontier town, which is also called the citiy of flowers, takes you to the world of the medieval knight novels, thanks to the castle where a museum and a castle theater work too. In the castle garden, there are exciting programs every month, whether the Renaissance festival, the border castle evening of the Palinka Festival.


The Lake Balaton is full of romantic places, but even among them Fonyod stands out. The small town is also famous for its amazing sunsets in the summer, but Crypt Villa is here too, which was built by Odon Abrudbanyai Rediger, in memory of her lover who died young. According to the legend, if you hold your hands above the bed indoors, you love will last forever.



Zirc, which is located in the High-Bakony, is the country’s highest city and is the best starting point for a romantic trip to the Cuha Valley. In addition, do not forget to watch the arboretum, which is one of the most beautiful parklands of Hungary.


In addition to that the Captain of Tenkes (a Hungarian series) took place here, it is also famous for its castle as well as for the Mariagyud pilgrimage site. If you visited all of these, you can walk through the famous park of Siklos too.




The Danube city is easily and quickly accessible from Budapest, it is an ideal travel destination with its colorful houses, narrow streets and leafy trees, if you want to escape from the big city noise together. The waterfront walk cannot be missed as well as the the village museum or the Margit Kovacs Museum, says.


The city of waters is also called the most romantic town, thanks to the beautiful lake and lakeside promenade, the unique water castle, the Esterhazy Palace or even the English Park laced with ruins. Nevertheless, it is not so hard to find a confectioner too.


The city, which is in the Southern part of the Great Plains, serves as a perfect decoration with its beautiful buildings, floral squares and arboretum for romantic walks. It is an excellent destination if you are looking for a sunny, secluded haven.


The colorful small town with Mediterranean atmosphere can be walked in a couple of hours, while you can see places like the the Mill Lake and its surroundings – where you can have a lunch during watching the water – or the Lake Cave, where you can boat.


The town is famous for its castle and the castle plays – you can participate in medieval games throughout the year – and climbing its hill hand-in-hand is not so exhausting and absolutely worth the effort. Looking the town from the castle is an unforgettable experience, but it is also worth walking down, on the charming streets.



According to, cellars, castles and its parks are the most popular of the small town in Fejer County among lovers. In the Lancos Castle, the city hall is operating nowadays, but the Lamberg Castle is also a cultural center with many exhibitions, and you can walk around the English Park.


In the city of chocolate, you can sweeten your day with attractions like the sugar museum, the Renaissance castle and its beautiful park and the postcard exhibition, which tells about the old times. The eventful roaming can be relaxed in the famous bath of Szerencs too.


The name of the thousand year-old town is identified by all with peppers and colorful embroidery. If you want to know what is a smile on the face of Hungary like – this is the motto of the city – walk in the multicolored, nostalgic, sunny streets and relax in its spa a little.



A Tv series called Kisvaros (Small city) made this town famous, which is surrounded by the hills of Zselic. The famous Hungarian warlod, Zrinyi also fought with the Turks here. Do not miss the castle and the Park of the Turkish-Hungarian Friendship, but a walk on the colorful, leafy, flowery streets can also be very charming.


The city is famous for its beautiful castle – which was the favorite of Queen Sissi – is one of the most favorite destination of the couples and it is not accidentally called the city of weddings and the honeymoons’. The prestigious Wedding exhibition is organized here every year.

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