Termalfurdo.hu shares a list lining up the 7 very best public beaches in Hungary, in order to help you decide where to go before the summer is over. It might come just handy in case you’re about to go on a holiday and wondering where to start off the fun.

  1. A borderline beach at Drava

The public beach at Barcsi offers an exceptional opportunity to get into the Drava, as there are not many places where organizing bathing in the river is available. Moreover, visitors can do sports, cook and camp at the beach, or just relax at the park area. Also, in case you got tired of swimming, you may easily take a trip on the Drava by boat.

  1. A centre of tranquillity at Fonyód

The southern part of Balaton is full of amazing public beaches, hence, it’s rather difficult to highlight one. Yet, the site managed to do so: the public beach at Fonyód-Bélatelep is less crowded than its fellow beaches, but is completely worth a visit.

A fascinating panorama of Badacsony awaits you all at the Fonyód Mountain, surrounded by huge trees. Furthermore, the water is especially deep and calm there and it’s easy to let everything go and just chill out, sitting by the Balaton.

  1. A wonderful beach at Lake Velence resembling the Italian Riviera

Less calm than the aforementioned beaches, but a completely Italian-like beach can be found at the Velence Promenade. A beautiful promenade with dozens of sunshades and sunbeds awaits everyone who wants to have some fun at the white, sandy shore.

Don’t worry if you get hungry, for there are several buffets to fill your belly, but in case you want to heat up things and try out some water sports, don’t go anywhere else: several opportunities are available for that as well.

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  1. A mesmerizing panorama of Tihany and Lake Balaton

The southern part of Lake Balaton is wonderful, but the northern side also calls for visitors. One of its great places, though not that well-known, is the Vadkacsa beach with a great atmosphere.

Boating, surfing, riding a paddle boat and playing beach volleyball are all possibilities for those who look for something else than swimming. A really lovely and tranquil beach, offering a spectacular view on Tihany and the southern part of Balaton.


  1. A relaxing environment at Poroszló

The EcoCentre at Lake Tisza and its shallow shores are perfect for all those looking for some time out of noise and crowds and the busy lifestyle. Perhaps that’s why it is especially suitable for families with kids. The shady, park-like beach can be found at the entrance of the Centre’s no.2 event area.

Aside chilling out, you may rent a kayak, canoe or paddle boat and see the place from the water. Moreover, not far from the shore and its buffet, a terraced-restaurant also welcomes guests.

  1. The forest city at Gyula

Many people were extremely happy when the forest city public beach at Gyula opened its gates a couple of years ago. Understandably, as a beautiful environment and natural waterside relaxes the visitors at the shore of the Black-Körös.

The comfort is provided by buffets, bistros, sports facilities, including opportunities to rent a kayak, canoe and paddle boat are also ensured.

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  1. A unique opportunity to swim in the Danube at Göd

Notably, it is forbidden to swim in the Danube in Budapest, however, a few kilometres north, at the public beach of Göd, a great opportunity of swimming in the river is provided. The beach has a separated part on the shore where visitors may go, and showers, cabins, buffets and a playground are also available for the beach-goers.

It is barely crowded, so don’t be afraid of not being able to relax because of the dozens of others. Besides, it is worth paying a visit to the sand island between the lower and upper beaches of Göd, for the sandy parts give the feeling of a great wild beach.

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