Divany.hu listed nine misconceptions about cold weather, based on health.com’s list and some facts might surprise you!

#1. You fall ill because of cold weather
Many think that when cold sets in, it automatically threatens their health. Dr Rachael Veermaedig says the truth is, contrary to popular belief, that if we spend time outside, our bodies will accomodate better to the cool weather. What is more, the virus of the cold multiplates better at a temperature of 32 degrees Celcius, whereas if you stay outside, your nostrils will be colder than this.

#2. You shouldn’t exercise outside when it is cold
Most people stop exercising outdoors in the winter, but as Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise suggests, those who overcome their chilliness and go out for a jog burn more calories than they would in warmer weather. In addition to this, a more effective training releases more endorfins in our bodies – so take your warmest clothes on and go outside for a jog!

#3. You won’t be allergic in the winter
You might think that you can avoid allergy in the winter, but the truth is, the reason for your blocked nose and sore throat might be this medical condition. According to Asthma and Allergy Foundation, 1 of 5 people suffer from some kind of allergy, and while those who are allergic to pollens might be symptom free this season, those suffering from fur or dust allergy might feel even worse than usual, says divany.hu. However, we can avoid this problem by ventilating often, besides, it can also prevent molding in the house.

#4. You don’t need to protect your skin with sunscreen
Everybody knows that it is important to use sunscreen in summer, but there is harmful radiation in the winter as well. Especially when it snows, UV rays can damage your skin, because the white surface reflects 80% more radiation than a darker surface. „What is more, the surface of Earth is closer to the Sun in the winter, so there is more harmful radiation that affects our skin” – adds Robert Guida, plastic surgeon.

#5. It is your head that gives off the most heat in your body
It is common knowledge that the most important accessories in winter time are the scarf, gloves and the hat. Most people think that the absolute must have from these three is the hat, because most of the body’s heat leaves through our heads. The truth is-says divany.hu-is that it is our hands that need the most secure protection, so if you go outside, the most important apparel you shoul bring is a pair of gloves!

#6. The reason for seasonal depression is the lack of sunlight
However lack of sunlight and long nights do not help when fighting depression, but this is not the only reason behind seasonal depression. Preparing for the holidays and the spending spree that accompanies it can raise our stress level.

#7. You can prevent catching a cold if you take vitamin C
This is only partially a myth, as vitamin C truly helps our immune system in fighting illnesses, but no matter how much vitamin C you take, it won’t prevent you from catching a virus or a contamination. Research shows that taking this vitamin in a large dosis shortens the period of illnesses, so if you don’t want to miss out on a Christmas party due to a long illness, vitamin C might help you recover.

#8. We lose more hair in the winter
It might seem like we lose more hair in this time of the year, but researchers say that hairloss is more severe in the summer. Of course, this originates to evolutionary needs, just like animals, humans need more fur in cold weather in order to conserve body heat and keep ourselves warm. If you feel that you are losing more hair than usual, you should try a nourishing shampoo that protects your scalp, as it may be due to the dryness of your skin.

#9. Alcohol will warm you up
Sellers offer mulled wine for passers-by in cold weather, saying that there is nothing better than a hot beverage to keep us warm. Alcohol does make us feel warmer, buti t is because our blood flows faster in our veins. The body temperature doesn’t fall down, and alcohol messes up the body’s ability to shiver, which makes it generate more heat.

based on article of divany.hu
translated by Laura Kocsis

Photo: pixabay.com

Source: http://divany.hu/

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