Termalfurdo.hu reports that Péter Baráth, Hungarian sauna master of Saliris Resort claimed victory at the 6th Szauna Szeánsz Oscar (Sauna Séance Oscar Competition) last weekend.

The competition of sauna masters attracts a number of “sauna tourists” every year. Gitta Ruszkabányai, organizer and inventor of Szauna Szeánsz Oscar told the site that this time 250 visitors – coming from different parts of the country – were interested in seeing the sauna competition.

The 2 days long event was held at the Kamilla Thermal Spa and Pools, in Balmazújváros. Its brand new sauna house is currently the biggest building of such kind in Hungary with a capacity of 85 seats. Thus, it was rather a challenge for the sauna masters to succeed visually, in attractiveness and in creating the necessary temperature.

Eventually, Péter Baráth, sauna master of Saliris Resort Spa Hotel won and became the victor of the 6th Szauna Szeánsz Oscar. Andrea Jandrasits of Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre became the second, while Sándor Miskolczi, who can be found at the Kamilla Thermal Spa ended up third.

Photo: facebook.com/Szauna-Szeánsz

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Source: termalfurdo.hu

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