Hundreds of people celebrated together with the star of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, who got a cake for her second birthday.

Asha was born on February 14, 2013, and her caretakers held a celebration on Saturday. The gift was a special cake, made according to the taste of elephants.

According, the ”layers” of the cake was baked from oat, bran and flour in Telek Bakery in Galgahévíz. The ”cream” was made from hay, vegetables and tropical fruits. In addition, a large figure of number two (made from bread dough) was placed on the top of the cake.

Asha shared the large cake with his parents, Angele (13) and Assam (14). At first, they just carefully picked at the cake, then Angele turned it over, so to speak, ”sliced” it to the family.

Many visitors were curious about the celebration of Asha: hundreds of people surrounded the enclosure of the elephants at 11:00.

The birth of Asha was a great event, as before that, no elephant baby had been born in Budapest for more than 50 years. At birth, she weighed about 70-80 kg, but she has grown to 940 kg since then. This fits her age, but Asha is still very small compared to adult elephants. Her mother, Angele, who counts as a very fragile and slender lady, weighs 2,7 tons. The father, Assam is close to 4,5 tons.

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translated by Vivien Pásztai



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