There is no secret that we all have to use taxi services from time to time. Whether a local in town or a tourist, visiting Budapest for couple of days, short or emergency taxi trips are inevitable, reports.

According to the information provided by BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) Hungarian companies, which provide taxi services in Budapest have to follow a very strict set of rules. These new regulations were introduced back in September 2013 in order to guarantee the finest quality of the service. However, after detailed examination of 3782 vehicles, 25% of them have not even met the technical requirements.

From the 1st of September 2013 till the 31st of March 2014 inspectors have conducted 12070 internal and external investigations. According to the results of monitoring almost 400 licenses were revoked.

Based on details of the investigation in 1711 cases a passenger did not receive a receipt at the end of his or her trip, 585 passengers were overcharged because of the wrong meter rates, in 91 cases a driver was not even a licensed taxi driver.

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translated by Ekaterina Egorova



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