According to, in Hungary, the Corvin Promenade was the first project that has won the Oscar award for city and real estate developments.

The news that the Corvin Promenade was the first that has won the Oscar award for city and real estate developments has reached the CNN. This is the Urban Land Institute’s award, the ’Global Award for Excellence’. The world leading television news channel had made an interview in the spot which will be broadcasted on 1st June at 17 o’clock in Hungarian time in the ‘Connect the World’ show.

The American CNN had filmed on 30th April and 2nd May in the Corvin Promenade. The show is ca. 3 minutes long and it highlights the winning project’s importance of regeneration and it will take to more than 370 million households the news of the great Hungarian development. The project’s spiritual creator and architect, György Alföldi (the RÉV8 Zrt board member and the assistant of the BME Department of Urban Studies) has been given voice in the interview, as well as the Futureal’s chief contractor, Gábor Radványi.

The 36 meters wide and 350 meters long Corvin Promenade is taking place in a 22 hectare territory in the heart of Budapest. The 7th district had an infrastructural, architectural and environmental development; moreover, as a result of the co-operation of the Hungarian Futureal and Józsefváros’ council, high-level houses and offices had been built as well as territories for commercial, service and sport facilities. In the inner districts of Budapest, there was no example for this kind of big development since 1896, when the Andrássy Street was built.

The 15 years long project had innovative urban planning and the most modern real estate development plans; its result is a lively and affordable area which has become a main attraction to the surrounding districts. This project resulted in more than 4000 residents and the same amount of workers.

The Urban Legend Institute’s Global Award for Excellence had been won by the Futureal in the autumn of 2014 for its Corvin Promenade project.

The Urban Land Institute was founded in 1936, and its center is in Washington. This is a non-profit organization and deals with education and research. The organization has more than 32 thousand members with the aim to support the land usage and real estate developments and the co-operation of the national professional society. The organization has 11 judges and it has given away the ULI Global Awards of Excellence award for the 11th time.

In the decision making process, the jury pays attention to such important factors as: the land usage, the architectural quality, the project’s effect on the surroundings, the co-operation between the developer and the local authorities. Alongside with the Corvin Promenade, in California, the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse Judicial building’s environmental safe renovation which was also built in the PPP construction had also won the award. Moreover, in London, the Sixty commercial office complex and in Oslo, the Fjord City developmental project’s Tjuvholmen buildings had also gained the award.

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Translated by Andrea Tóth


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